Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Tour

Yes, it's another post about Christmas decorations. I'm linking to Kara's blog for
This is her first party & it's anything Christmas this week. I love Kara & her blog! She's funny & a FABULOUS decorator. So that's why this is another post about Christmas decorations. Not to mention that I'm not having the best day. Forgetting the maid is coming & turning the alarm on only to go speeding home from work after only being there 30 mins. to get there 2 minutes too late doesn't lead to a great start to the day. Anyway, Christmas makes me happy so here we go.

Welcome to our house!
I did the garland & wreaths & my hubby hung it all up. The topiaries came from Sam's a couple of years ago.
 This is the table in the breakfast area. It's an iPhone pic so it's not very clear. The server in the background has my Nativity on it. I did a post about it already.
Another iPhone pic. This is an iron Christmas Tree I got one year after Christmas. The penguins I bought this year at Z Gallerie just because I like them. I know they don't go with anything really but I like them. I added the little bows around their necks. They remind me of "back in the day". It's a long boring story for anyone that doesn't know it already but suffice it to say one of my friends knew EVERY.SINGLE.WORD of Billy Madison & recited it OFTEN!
This little tree is in the hall bathroom. I bought it at Lowe's last year for like $5.00!
This is the built-ins above the TV. Nothing fancy.
Here's a close up of The Holy Family. I bought it at an after Christmas sale too. It's gold but not quite this shade. It's really hard to get good pics of decorations.
The chandy in the dining room. I had some extra ornaments so I put them here.
The "Big" tree in the living room. It's decorated in burgundy & gold. I promise it's not crooked.
The "Big" tree during the day.
Another view at night just because I like it.
The smaller tree that I have in the kitchen. It's done in red, green & silver & has all of our ornaments that we've collected on trips. I bought this tree on sale at Hob Lob after Christmas last year.

This has  nothing to do with Christmas but I won a giveaway from Kara! The candle smells so good & the cookbook looks like there are some recipes that I may be able to do!! The roosters are salt & pepper shakers. Aren't they cute?

In 25 hours we'll be leaving for Disney!! It can't get here soon enough.



  1. I love your entryway _just lovely :-) Have a wonderful time in Disney

  2. Seriously can't get past your entry! How inviting! When are we coming over? Haha!

    Have fun at Disney! Take a lot of pictures!

  3. I love Disney! Enjoy the magic :))

  4. I bet your home is gorgeous! You did such a great job on the trees! :)

    Merry Christmas!

  5. beautiful tree! love the colors!

    I looked up the beignets and they do look like the pancove.. thanks! im going to have to try a beignet recipe to see how they are..know of any good ones?

  6. I'm going to be a nervous wreck on Christmas Day. Logan is going to want to touch everything in your house!

  7. Your home looks so nice and festive! Have a great time at Disney! Can't wait to see the pictures and I sure hope the cold is gone from down there by the time you get there!!

  8. Your entry is so pretty. Well, all the inside is very pretty as well. Had to chuckle when you told me that you had not tweaked since I ranted on about it a week or so ago. I don't think I have either, but it's such a natural part of my existence now that I probably do it and don't realize. Maybe I actually sleepwalk and do it and that's why I can't find things sometimes. Do you think that could be it? Please say you agree so I can stop dwelling on the fact that it's probably an age-thing. Anyway, have a wonderful time in Disney. Hope the weather is great for you.

  9. What a gorgeous home you have decorated for the holidays. Your entry is GORGEOUS and your trees are BEAUTIFUL!! You did an amazing job!

    I'm glad you had fun at Disney. Your pictures are so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

    Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed New Year! XOXO ~Liz