Sunday, December 12, 2010


Friday at lunch I went to the mall. I needed new boots. I know what you're thinking but you'd be wrong. This time I actually NEEDED new boots. I discovered while wearing them how bad these were.
Told ya. I NEEDED boots. The damage looks much worse in person. I looked at a couple of places last weekend but didn't find any I liked. I went to Nine West & found these.
Cute huh? They were $120. If you're a regular reader you know I didn't pay that. They were HALF PRICE! They seem to be somewhat comfortable too. I wore them to my office Christmas party Friday night. We had so much fun!

Saturday we hung out at home. I finally was able to take a nap. That made me so happy!! We went to Mass & afterwards went to eat Mexican at Casa Maria. When we got home Dean wrapped Christmas gifts. I wrapped a few last weekend & apparently I shouldn't have because my hand is hurting again.

Today I went to Market. I got some cute stuff. Of course it wouldn't be market if I didn't buy some ridiculously awkward sized something.

I've been wanting something to hang outside & this is made out of tin or iron or something so it will be perfect. I was by myself shopping so I had to deal with this all alone. Thanks goodness they have an area to check your purchases.
I bought this because it was cute & it's insulated. When I'm at work I always have either a Dr. Pepper or water at my desk. There have been a couple of "close calls" so when I saw this had a lid I thought it would be perfect!

On another note, tomorrow morning my father-in-law is having surgery & we would very much appreciate some extra prayers. You know you can never have too many!



  1. Cute cup, I just bought one with a peace sign on it. Sharp boots...enjoy!

  2. I can't wait to see your "awkward" find up where you want it...I'm sure it will look great! Cute cup :) Hope all goes well with your father-in-law's surgery.

  3. Prayers for your FIL for sure!

    I want that cup, and cute. and the boots too :)

    And Gary wraps the gifts in our house b/c I am terrible at it. IT is so sad.

    Have a great week!

  4. First -- I'm glad you posted that you got that cup. I was thinking of getting you one as a little something extra. AND -- those boots -- LOVE THEM -- have any in black. I TOTOALLY need black boots.

  5. Cute boots, Traci! My most comfy boots are made by Clark's and I bought them in London....Christine

  6. Fer Shizzel!!! I still use those Nutty Terms! LOOOOOOOOVE the boots! Werent you "High" on sinus meds Friday! LOL! Uhhh Huhhh! Cute cup but BEWARE the Keyboard!
    Will add him to my prayers Sweet Girlfriend!


  7. I love those boots and need a pair sooo badly!

    I'll say a little prayer for your FIL...keep us posted!

  8. You make me laugh! The boots are cute cute and I love the cup. I just bought one at Starbucks that deserves a blog post. Adorable.

  9. I love the cup. I got a tervis tumbler cup just like that with my initial and a lid with a straw. The only thing I love more than diet coke is drinking it through a straw!