Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day

For the last several years we've hosted Christmas at our house. Dean cooks seafood gumbo as the main course & there are lots of appetizers & desserts. Dean's parents & my family all come over. I was very excited to see this little one!
 Isn't Logan's sweater so cute?? We were so surprised that he didn't touch my big tree. My smaller tree in the kitchen did get his attention though.

I thought this was so funny how he was just sitting in the window chilling, then he got a little closer & BAM he wanted to touch!

Dean's gumbo was good as usual.
Logan liked it too. Of course there isn't much Logan doesn't like! Then we opened gifts.
These are my cousins, Brooke & Dylan.
Can you tell Dylan is over the picture taking?? Logan loves him some Brooke!

How sweet is that? I think everytime she stood still he gave her a hug! This is Logan with his Nonk.
Logan with his Nona (my mom).
This is me with Logan & my cousins, Dylan, Brooke & Brendan. All 4 of these kids are my Godchildren.

I hope whoever was holding the camera that we're all looking at sends me a copy of this. It was quite a feat to have all 4 kids looking in the vicinity of the same camera & also keeping Logan still long enough to take it! This is my brother Scott with all the kids. He's Logan's dad & the cousins Godfather.
Yes, Scott's wearing a Griswold Family Christmas t-shirt that he was oh so very proud of! He's a 33 yr. old kid! When you ask Logan for a kiss he gives you a big open mouth wet kiss that pretty much amounts to him licking you. It's the sweetest thing ever if you don't mind a little baby slobber.
Dean is not a big fan of baby slobber!!! HAHA! It was really cute!

I'm off today but Dean is at work. His holiday is Monday which is really annoying. He gets more vacation time than I do & more holidays so it's a real bummer when one of the holidays we both have isn't on the same day. How am I spending my day? Well, I was supposed to be going to lunch with my friend & Godchild & getting my nails done. Instead, I'm waiting on the washing machine repairman to show up. The washer is working but it's doing some funky thing where it won't automatically go into the spin cycle. So here I sit. Tonight we're going to a party at a friends house. Very casual & they live around the corner so as long as it isn't raining we'll walk. What about y'all? I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!!


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  1. Great Kodak moments!! :) Happy New Year to you too!