Sunday, December 5, 2010

What I did for $1.00 Ornaments!!!

So here's the thing, I HATE Walmart. Like really hate. Hate so much that I haven't been to one in several years. I don't count Walmart Neighborhood Market as Walmart. We do our grocery shopping there. I know it's technically Walmart but it's not the same as walking in a huge Walmart Super Center. I was perusing blogs Friday & was drooling over Sarah's Christmas decor. Imagine my surprise when I saw that she bought those adorable ornaments at Walmart. For a DOLLAR!!!! UGGGHH, what a quandry. I NEEDED that Church. I have about a zillion different ornaments but I don't have any churches. So what's a non Walmart shopping girl to do???? Yep, I called my mom. HA! She went to her Walmart & found the ornaments but sadly there were no churches left. She picked up some of the others for me. Yesterday, when we went shopping my mom convinced me that we should try another Walmart. She said we could go in through the garden center, which is where all the Christmas stuff is, and we wouldn't have to go into the actual store.  I sucked it up & off we went. I found this. 
YAY the Church!!! The only problem is they only had it in lime green & blue. The blue was BEAUTIFUL but I don't have another blue thing in my house. I mean, like, NOTHING. I don't have any lime green either but the tree in my kitchen is a mixture of ornaments & it has some regular green. I wasn't leaving without one so I figured the green would be the better choice. I was right. It blends in fine.  

After Mass yesterday I met my friend Vicki & her little boy Lane at Chimes to eat. Lane is our Godchild. We had a good time. We hadn't been out together in awhile.
Lane & I took a picture in front the tree at the Chimes. I came home afterwards & got some gifts wrapped.

This morning when I went out to get the paper I saw this.
Yes, that would be toilet paper. Then I noticed that my neighbors house was rolled. Ours was not but the wind was blowing about 250 mph.
This is the neighbors tree. Needless to say I was outside in the freezing 47 degree weather picking toilet paper up because it had blown pretty much everything from their trees into my yard. I thought it would be a good idea to get it all up before it blew into the pool & we really had a mess. This is the kinda stuff that happens when Dean goes out of town. Annoying.

I'm trying to decide what to do now. Wrap more gift or take a nap????


  1. I don't like Walmart either really, but did go in the other day just for ornaments.

  2. mercy, i just posted to the wrong post:) see below, lol.
    PS- I was just in BR on my way to Houston. Had to stop at Euros....tsk tsk tsk that place can get ya in trouble:)

  3. Hope you decided to take a nap! That's horrible about your neighbor's house being rolled! That's such a pain! I share your feelings about the big W, despise WalMart and avoid it at all costs, if I can!

    Hope you had a great weekend. Speaking of wrapping, you just reminded me there's another thing I need to add to my list!



  4. OK well I have to admit, I like Walmart...however ours is the brand new super center one. Hope you don't hate me already. LOL!