Monday, December 6, 2010

More Holiday Decor

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I finished my decorating. At least I think I did. I find myself adding things & tweeking things daily. I must stop that.
 I bought this Nativity Set a few years ago at Sam's. I think it's so pretty. It sits in the center of the server/buffet in my kitchen. I have lights under the "snow". Friday at  Vanessa's blog she had an "Inspiration Friday" post that did indeed inspire me....for next year. She has her nativity set on her mantel. I never thought about doing that but I think mine would look good. You can't tell from the pictures but each piece of the nativity is big.  I think it would show up really pretty.
 I have my Noel tree on one end of the server. I bought it after Christmas one year at a store that is now going out of business.
This is the other end of the server. You're not going to believe where I bought the tree! Bass Pro! I really don't care for that store at all. I bought it a few years ago when Dean was shopping there. It was before Christmas & on sale. Santa & the reindeer both came from the same little store as the Noel tree.
These came from Sam's. Y'all know I love Sam's!! This thing was like $20. It's really full & I think the planter that it's in would cost $20 alone. I wish I would've bought more than one. It's home moves from year to year. Sometimes it's on the hearth, this year it's next to the fridge.
This is the "big tree" in the living room. I decorate it in burgundy & gold every year. I love the size of this tree. It is also a Sam's purchase! This is the 7th Christmas we've had it. I love that it's pre lit.
Here it is again using a different setting on my camera. I swear the tree isn't crooked. Apparently, I am when taking pictures!!! Excuse that yellow thing in the left of the picture. That's what the lights are plugged into to. It's hidden by gifts but I took the picture before the gifts made it under.

Some of my favorite ornaments.
 My topper.
Speaking of tweaking things. This is one of those things. I added some icicle & snowflakes.

I think that's pretty much it for the inside!



  1. Traci, your tree is beautiful, and I love the Nativity. I think we are like-minded on this "tweakin" thing. I get something all set the way I think I want it, then I look at a few blogs & I'm off to "tweak" again. As much as I love doing this blog-thing, it's pretty addicting & dare I say, time consuming. Oh, but will I stop? Not likely!

  2. Thanks for stopping by today. I don't think you ever stop tweeking. I am still doing it. The tree is wonderful. I just hung some bulbs on my chandy, I have always done that, but almost forgot. I am still putting things up. Kathy

  3. Hi,

    Your tree is georgous...I did a burgundy tree this year too...I needed a few additional ornaments but I couldn't find them anywhere! This has been a strange year for finding interesting decorations in the stores. The Nativity is absolutely elegant, so very pretty and you displayed it beautifully. Just a great job with everything.(-: Oh! thank you for stopping by and finding the time to leave such a nice comment on my mantle post.(-:

  4. Your home looks lovely! I especially like the nativity set. I never thought to put lights under it...great idea!


  5. Hi!! You're my ornament exchange partner! I'm excited about getting mine. You seem to be a crafty person! :) Any requests or should it be a total surprise? Can't wait!

  6. Beautiful tree, Traci and the other decorations are very pretty. Love the nativity.

  7. Hi Traci! Your holiday decor is looking lovely. I love the nativity and was just passed one down myself and can't wait to display it. I am following you now. I always see your comments around and about where I am, so I thought we must like the same things lol! yep....come and take a visit sometime.

  8. How pretty, Traci and how nice that you are done decorating. I just started the tree but I got tired so I quit. I think I was tired before I even started cause I switched all the dishes in the kitchen hutch. What a chore! I love your Nativity also, it is so perfect.....Christine

  9. Your Christmas decor is gorgeous! I love your BIG tree! I miss mine! But one of these days I get another one. Your topper is stunning!

  10. Your tree is beautiful Traci and you are light years ahead of me with decorating.


  11. Your house and tree(s) are so pretty. I'll come to your house when I want to be in the Christmas spirit. :)

  12. My goodness, your trees are gorgeous! Link up with us next week on Tuesday when we feature our favorite ornaments!

    I also really like that Nativity scene! Such an important Christmas decoration!

    And just realized we're kinda're in BR? I'm in Mobile, Al! My hubby works with tons of LSU fans! Are you one of them?

    Have a great one!

  13. i love the lights under the snow idea! I have a nativity set and one of those little villages that we keep adding on to...i havent bought snow yet so seing yours looks amazing. :)

  14. OH MY!! Your tree is GORGEOUS!!

    Thnaks for playing along with Shannon & I:)
    Be sure to link up next week too, it's only getting better-

    I love your fluer de lis ornaments so much!!


  15. LOL, just saw Shannons comment! BR! I was there shopping on my way to AND from Houston last week. We have to hit Whole Foods to eat both ways. THEN Hit Euros and Masseys!

  16. I really really want a nativity! I can't find a cute one that doesn't cost a small fortune, though...great pictures and decorations! :)

  17. TRACI! I think I saw a BIRD in your tree!!!! EEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! RUN! LOL! Alright now, pretty girl...You decor looks
    A-MAZ-ING!!! You ? yourself again, i will deck ya! Or Deck yo Wall with bows of Holly! LOL! Im having ENTIRELY TOO MUCH FUN with this comment! Seriously...its ALL BEAUTIFUL!!
    Cute and Funny post too, you made me giggle! By the way....I was LOOOOOKIN for a Glass of wine ANYWHERE! You did a BETTA job of HIDING IT!....cuz i KNOW you had some :0)

    Luvs girl xoxokara

    Im about to go take pics of my Fluer de Lis to show you...Great minds think alike!

  18. Hi lovely lady I love your Christmas Holiday home so prett! I'm your newest follower on your blog. I'm also new come see may Blog if you like Tablescapes. I hope you become one of may followers. Thanks so much.

  19. Hey Pretty girl! YEP! Yours are WAAAAAAAY prettier! Need my SHIPPING ADDRESS???
    :0 )

  20. Traci, thanks so much for joining the party.

  21. I love everything! It looks so pretty! Beautiful ornaments!