Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Ornament Party

For some reason something suddenly came to me. When I was young we had these crystal reindeer ornaments that I really liked. Someone my mom worked with gave them to her one year. I think it was her boss. They came from Godchaux's, which incidentally, I still miss. We knew where they came from because the price was left on them. That's what happens when a man buys a gift & wraps it himself. I  need to see if I can get those from her. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite ornaments.
B is for Blanchard (our last name if you didn't know). I got this one at a gift shop last year.
I've noticed that I have a thing for reindeer. I don't remember where this one came from but I love it. It's all glittery & sparkles.
If you've been reading along for awhile you'll know I'm having some issues with birds but I LOVE hummingbirds. I love to watch them. Maybe I'm getting old. It's gold & glittery.
There are lots of Fleur de Lis on the tree. As well as throughout my house. This one is gold & glittery. Sense a theme??
LOVE this one!!
I just threw this one in because I like it. I know it's blurry but I like it that way!

I'm joining the party at It's So Very Cheri



  1. I love all your ornaments....probably because of the glitter! I have that exact same fleur de lis and a very similar reindeer. I would love to find a glitter hummingbird!

  2. I liked your crystal reindeer story! We're going to my parents home in NC this Christmas. (We only get to go every 3-4 years!) I'm looking forward to seeing her tree and all the old ornaments! Brings back so many memories!
    Your's are beautiful!

  3. My mom gave us our OLD ornaments -- the ones we made when we were in school. My teachers weren't very creative. I had styrofoam cup bells--not too much thought in that.


  4. Thanks for posting to the ORNAMENT PARTY

    My husband's best friend's last name is Blanchard.