Monday, September 14, 2009

McConaughey & No Thugs

Week 1 of the NFL is coming to a close & I'm thrilled to say No Thugs won this week! Woo Hoo!! We beat Joey. I know he can't be happy. After all the games were over yesterday, we'd won & we hadn't even played our QB. Who is our QB you ask? The ever hot Tom Brady!! He played tonight along with Fred Jackson who we picked as a sleeper. Well, not so much, we picked him because there really wasn't anyone left & he was't a thug. Anyway, he got some points for us tonight so we're happy to have him.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with "the little piglet", Logan. He's getting so big that pretty soon we're going to be calling him "the big pig"!! He was so happy! He even snuggled with me & let me love on him. I think he was happy to see me go though because that meant one less person to fight over him & no more kisses. I can't help it, don't those cheeks just look like they need kissing??

I couldn't manage to get a pic of him smiling. I forgot my camera so all I had was my phone which wasn't quite fast enough!

So Matthew McConaughey was at the LSU game Sat. I LOVE him. I've been known to watch Texas football games just to see him on the sidelines. I hate those white jerseys, white pants & white shoes that Texas wears so it's not like I enjoy watching them. I've said before that if McYummy was ever at an LSU game I would die! Well, I think I was close to it Sat. night after the game when I found out about it! I couldn't believe he was 4 miles from my house & I didn't know it! AAAGGGGHHHH! I find it really strange that in this day & age when everyone has either an iPhone or Blackberry & someone's always posting something random on Facebook that NOBODY found it necessary to post that they saw him. So frustrating.

Today at lunch I bought a cute pair of boots at Shoe Station. They were on sale of course & I had a 25% off coupon. They put a coupon in the paper just about every week so there's no reason to pay full price. I'll post a pic of them later.

Tonight is a sad night. I just saw that Patrick Swayze died. So, so sad. I LOVED Dirty Dancing. I'm guessing he's not going to get the media coverage that MJ did It's a shame the good guys suffer & die & loser trash like Kanye is still walking around.

No Thug update - We're doing FABULOUS!! We've doubled the score of our opponent!!!

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  1. I think if you were on Twitter, you would have known about McConaughey. Start tweeting.