Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Want A Zoila

Tonight is the start of the NFL regular season. Normally, I couldn't care less but this year with No Thugs & the prospect of winning cash, I'm pretty excited. After being on the phone with Allison for awhile last night & a quick email to Commissioner Ian, I think I know how everything works. FINALLY! The sad thing is I didn't even realize that I didn't know what was going on. I'd still be sitting here clueless if it weren't for Dean asking me a million questions. Which is really ironic because Dean normally NEVER asks enough questions.

I was home sick yesterday so I spent the majority of my day laying on the sofa catching up with stuff on the DVR. I've talked about the love I have for Jeff Lewis & his show Flipping Out which in my eyes is greatness. When I started watching this show it was to see the houses that he flips. They're amazing! His housekeeper, Zoila was just an added bonus! Soooo funny! She's of some sort of foreign descent & speaks with what I think is a spanish accent. So, I want a Zoila. It was never more evident then after my Labor Day weekend of cleaning! Although, I can't get Dean to agree to someone cleaning the house twice a month so I'm guessing he's not going to agree to a live in foreigner. Oh well.

Only 23 days until we leave for Vegas! I'm super excited & hope the time flies by. We've got a tour of Hoover Dam scheduled & yesterday, Dean got us tickets to see Wayne Brady while we're there. I'm a little iffy about this. I like Wayne, I think he's really funny BUT the description of the show says "Improv with audience participation". No biggie right? Usually the people that get picked for that type of stuff are sitting really close. I wonder if 4th row center is considered really close?? To me it is & that's where our seats are. I am SOOOOO NOT an audience participater. I'm scared to death of humiliation & embarrassment of ANY type!


  1. Please God, let them pick you for audience participation and please let Dean have the camera ready!!!!

  2. LOLOLOL. Allison, omg. I don't know, fourth row is kind of up close. It's possible she will be picked.