Thursday, September 24, 2009

Turtles, Frogs & Bodyguards

The last couple of days there hasn't been a thing going on except that I had a stomach virus. Not fun. I moved from the bed, to the sofa, to the other sofa for the last 2 days. I napped a lot, read a book & watched A LOT of TV. I'm caught up on Housewives of Atlanta, which I said I was done with it but I've continued to tape it so why not watch it right? I'm also caught up with Khloe & Kourtney. I don't like this show nearly as much as Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I think it's because the whole weird family element isn't going on in this show. I also watched Flipping Out. I do believe this is my favorite show. I learned on this episode that if I was lucky enough to have Jeff Lewis come to my house he would be pleased with the color of my baseboards & crown molding. He was choosing a color & went with Swiss Coffee which just so happens to be my color!! I felt a little connection to him!!

The other day when Dean & I spent a ridiculous amount of time in the yard I was under the impression that we were done with laying pine straw. Yeh, not so much. I COMPLETELY forgot about the 2 beds that we have in the corners of the backyard. We weren't going to have enough pine straw & we'd decided it would be best to do those beds one evening because they would be in the shade. Dean's off tomorrow so he'll be buying more pine straw. I was planning to have a leisurely weekend but I guess at some point I'll be in the yard working.

I'm really not sure what it is about my house & animals. Not just regular animals, but we have armadillos regularly which I hate hate hate. There was the huge frog, the crawfish in the pool, the crane & the snake. Well, now there's a garden snake running around that for whatever reason, something about it not hurting anyone, Dean didn't kill it when he had the opportunity - TWICE!! I haven't seen this thing & hopefully it stays that way. So then the other day we have this in the driveway...

I don't mind turtles at all. When I was a kid me & Scott had a bunch of these as pets & my daddy built this big cage for them that was like a little turtle oasis. It had sand & a pool. It was great. I'm glad we saw him when we did. Otherwise, he would've been squished by one of our very large trucks. Dean put him in the canal in the back.

So yesterday when I was moving from one sofa to the other I see something moving in the living room. It was a frog. Not big like the last one, just one of those little small ones that are always suctioning themselves to the glass on my doors. Now, I don't have anything against Kermit either BUT I don't really want him hopping around the house & I really don't want to touch him. What to do? I thought of trying to lead him to the door but I didn't really think that was going to work so I called Dean at work to see how I was supposed to get him out. He suggested paper towels. I guess that would've worked but it ooged me out a little because I'm pretty sure I would've felt him through the paper towel. I looked around & found a piece of junk mail that I hadn't yet thrown away & kinda scooped him onto it & put a paper towel over him so maybe it wouldn't try to hop off. He behaved & I deposited him in the landscaping in the front & he hopped away.

This morning the Coordinator of the Sunday School program at Church emailed us with our schedules & class list. I am thanking my lucky stars that I said I wanted to teach 4 yr. olds & not 5 yr. olds. During the meeting Sunday I was beginning to second guess myself because some of the ladies that have taught before were saying how the 5 yr. olds are used to being in a classroom & they're easier to deal with, etc. So I'm looking at the list for the 5 yr. olds to see if I know any of them & there was one name I recognized - JINDAL!! Yep, Bobby's kid is going to Sunday School. This shouldn't have been a complete shock because the family is at Mass regularly with their entourage of body guards. I have a friend that taught classes to prepare the kids for their 1st Communion last year & she had one of his kids in her class. The bodyguards wanted to know what her "Exit plan" was. Hmmm - the door?? I guess if you think about it Sunday School could be a prime kidnapping location being that most people would have their guard down. Anyway, I'm thrilled to death that I don't have to worry about this because I would not do well having a bunch of Secret Service types milling around watching my every move. What am I talking about? I don't even know how I'm going to do with a bunch of 4 yr. olds watching me!

I have a serious complaint with the Sheriff's Dept. At 1:40 a.m. we received a call from their hotline thingy notifying us that there was a 12 yr. old missing & was last seen at Woodlawn Baptist. That is across town from me. I'm sorry the kid was missing but seriously the middle of the night??? I hate when my sleep is disrupted but I REALLY hate when the phone rings in the middle of the night. It's usually always bad news. (Except when Lydia went into labor but we were expecting that.) Then come to find out this morning, the stupid recording is only supposed to call people that live in a 1 mi. radius of where the kid was last seen. Yeh there was a glitch. No kidding. The kid had been missing since like 7:30 so why at 1:30 they felt the need to make this call is beyond me. THEN the kid ended up being at a friends house. UUUGGGGGHHHHH! It took me forever to get back to sleep.

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