Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Going Postal

I've learned to do so much on my iPhone! I'm so proud. I've said before & I'll say it again, I'm not tech savvy in the least! I also don't like to read directions. Not a good combination! I have a great digital camera that has all sorts of features & basically I know how to take a picture with & without the flash, operate the zoom, set the date & delete images from the memory card. I decided awhile back that I was actually going to read the manual that came with it & learn how to do some other things. The only problem is that I can't find the stupid manual anywhere! I don't generally lose things but there's something about this camera. I lost the cord to hook it to the computer & couldn't find it for weeks.

I had decided before I got the iPhone that I was going to read the manual & figure out all the great things it does. There's one problem with that, it doesn't have a manual. The guy at the AT&T store showed me how to get to the instructions on the phone but I don't remember what he did. I can go to the website & figure it out or I can just ask Aaron, (my friend at work that already has an iPhone & knows how to do everything). So far, I can get online, get on Facebook - of course that's the first thing I learned how to do (I figured it out by myself)!! I can operate the calendar & set it to give me reminders, which I TOTALLY need. I can make lists, which is something I do a lot of. I've always been a list person & this way I'm saving a few trees. I'm not a tree hugger but while I save trees, I'm also preventing a bunch of paper from ending up in my purse so it's win win. I'm bad about making a list & then not throwing it away when I'm done with it. I can even set my DVR from the phone! How cool is that?? I'm also seeing that this is making me lazier than I already am. The other night I didn't feel like getting off the sofa to go set the DVR so I used my phone because it was next to me.

I guess I bragged on myself a little too much. My mom decided that she wanted to join the 21st century & get a computer so being the good daughter I am I ordered one for her online. It was to be delivered today. She called me a few minutes ago to tell me it never came. I checked the UPS website & I put the wrong zip code. Lovely. Since I screwed it up I called UPS. I honestly thought this would be an easy fix, just give them the correct info. I must have momentarily lost my mind because really this has disaster/big hoorah written all over it. I called the 800 number & a very nice girl "helped" me. She told me that tomorrow morning they'll attempt to scan the address label again & it will say "no such address" again & then they'll mail a note telling me(my mom) to call them with the correct info. OK, am I the only one that sees a problem with this because the girl I was talking to didn't? How might I get this note if THEY DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT ADDRESS??? She said that my post office is more familiar with my name & address so they'll be able to deliver the note. Well, being that the wrong zip code is on it, it's not going to my(mom's) post office. Not to mention that my mom has the absolute worst mail service in the history of the world & this is really saying something because mine is really bad. Just yesterday she was telling me that she didn't get her phone bill last month. We will be setting up online banking but I digress. Finally, after questioning this girl she put me on hold & came back & said that she'd sent a note to the Port Allen office & they'd call my mom in the morning at 10:00. We'll see. I realize it's entirely my fault, which is why I really showed a considerable amount of patience during this phone call, but I can't be the only person that's ever done this before can I???

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