Thursday, September 3, 2009

Turkey & Dr. Pepper??

I am sooo not happy. Normally, when I bring sandwiches for lunch I bring the whole container of lunch meat & put it in the fridge at work & each day make my sandwich. So imagine my surprise when I went to the fridge & my lunch meat was gone. At first I thought that it was just behind something but nope, it was nowhere to be found. Not that I was looking forward to eating another sandwich. I'm rather tired of them & had already decided that next week I'll be bringing something different. However, I don't like leaving at lunch. Traffic is bad to begin with & now there's construction. Not to mention the parking situation. I get to work at 7:30 & always have a good spot. If I leave at lunch I usually end up pretty far out. I hate that because when 4:30 gets here I'm out the door & want to be in my truck as fast as possible! I was also very, very irritated because not only was this not the first time someone stole from me, it's not the first time this week! That's right, Monday I went to get my Dr. Pepper out of the fridge & it was gone too. THAT really bugged me. I just don't understand. The fridge is right next to the vending machine that sells Cokes. Obviously, this thief is just too cheap to buy his own drink. I've gotten different responses about the situation. Some say keep the DP's at my desk. Well, that's all fine & good but I prefer to have my drink cold & then pour it over ice.Yes, I do know I'm very particular. I can't stand to drink out of a can either but that's irrevelant right now. Other people have said not to bring them from home, just buy one when I'm ready for one. Well, they're .75 in the machine & I'M too cheap to do that. Although, now that I think about it, if I pay the .75 I'm guaranteed to have one when I want rather than paying for one & it getting stolen. Anyway, I've refrained from pulling a Ross Gellar. No note on the fridge for me. Basically, because I don't think it will do a bit of good. I'll be watching for turkey sandwich eating Dr. Pepper drinkers at lunch from now on.

Today I signed up for another Fantasy Football team. This one is at work. It's just point based, no head to head match ups like the other league. I picked different people from my No Thugs team. I'm hoping to win some money & if nothing else come in last place so I get my $5 back.

It's getting close to LSU's season opener. Everyone's getting excited.



  1. Are you kidding me? You've just now had stuff stolen out the fridge??? If you put it in a bag and make it look gross, then that might help. Fourth floor fridge stuff gets stolen all the time. Sykes used to nasty notes up. You end up looking like a d-bag when you do that.

  2. I mean to say Sykes used to post nasty notes up.