Monday, September 21, 2009

We Beat The Ferret

LSU won Saturday night but I swear that was a really boring game. They played ULL so I wasn't really expecting a lot to begin with but it was really bad. If they don't play better Les may need to start looking for another job.

I went to Mass Sunday & afterwards I had a meeting. I'm going to teach Sunday School. The meeting was about the curriculum & to set up the schedule. There are actually several volunteers so I'll only be teaching once every 6 weeks. Because of the shenanigans of a few bad Priest it's very hard to volunteer for any ministry in the Catholic Church that deals with children. I knew nothing about this. I signed up awhile back to volunteer & I got an email asking if I had completed "The Child Protection Process"? Ummm that would be no. Didn't know anything about it. They said they'd send me a packet in the mail. I had no idea what to expect. Basically, they want your whole life history. There's a video to watch online with a TEST. OK. Not only is there a test but you MUST make 100%. Well, by this time I'm completely freaked out & thinking maybe I'll just forget about Sunday School. I mean seriously, are they making the Priest do this??? (I'm not picking on the Priest either because I'm a firm believer that those type of shenanigans go on in other Churches too). As it turns out, it was just a cheesy video & the test wasn't hard. It can be taken as many times as needed but l'm happy to say I made 100 the first time. They also run a background check. I swear I didn't have to do as much to get my passport. Now everything is set. I'll be teaching 4 yr. olds during 11:00 Mass. Sunday I'll go observe so I can get a feel for how the class is run & my first time to teach is October 25. Should be interesting.

After the meeting we went to my parents house. My mom got her laptop & Dean hooked up her internet & I helped her set up her Facebook page. This should be interesting.

All afternoon I was checking the live scoring to see how No Thugs were doing. We were winning all afternoon & before last nights game we had almost twice as many points as The Drunken Ferret. Normally, this would've pretty much assured a win for us but the ferret had Tony Romo, Roy Williams & Jason Witten playing last night. All we had left was our kicker, Adam Vinateri who plays tonight. Kickers don't usually get you many points (unless you're Carney & you kick 6 extra points & 2 field goals - who would've thought the Saints would score so much??). I knew we had the majority of the points we were going to get so I was a little nervous. OK, a lot nervous. So much so that I actually stayed up until 10:30 watching the game. I would've probably watched the whole thing but Dean had already gone to sleep & he had the timer set on the TV & it went off with about 6 minutes left in the game. Being that I was already in bed, I didn't feel like getting up to turn the tv back on. I figured since 9:30 is normally the absolute latest I stay up on a work night I'd better go to sleep. So basically, I stayed up to watch a game that I didn't see the end of & didn't know if we won until this morning & I'm exhausted, so I should've just gone to bed at 9:00 or 9:30 like normal. The Ferret ended up with 93 points & we currently have 121.

While I'm on the subject of Fantasy Football let me say this. I do NOT want to hear from anyone else who thinks I'm crazy for not picking Drew Brees when we had the #2 pick in the draft. I take full responsibility for this. Wendy wanted to pick him but all I could think of is that he plays for the Saints & seriously we all know what happens to the Saints. They're going to lose. It's inevitable. I understand that he almost broke whatever record that was last year but to be perfectly honest I thought that was a fluke. Yes, I know that he's had 2 great games so far but you know No Thugs are 2-0 so it hasn't hurt us so far. It may come back to bite us but it may not. Our QB is Brady & he's like actually won Superbowls so I just really thought picking him over the team that can't win a playoff game might be a wiser decision. Granted he didn't play his best yesterday but it's TOO LATE NOW, so leave me alone about it!!!!

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  1. oooh hmmm, well, the Brees thing. If we didn't go with Brees, we should have gone with Eli. I did kind of think Brady would do poor just because of his injury. And the Saints are the Saints, but Brees is above the Saints. I think the Saints will do good this year. It's good we have Colston. I knew he would do good also even if the Saints did poorly. If we had picked Reggie, then that sure makes us idiots. Hopefully Brady can get his act together. Otherwise, maybe we can activate Eli.