Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Fire Extinguisher Works

Yep 2 posts in one day. Just consider this an extension to the previous post. There's been a lot of food happenings today. Dean was planning to grill steaks & since it was such a nice evening we were going to eat on the patio. Well, he's in the kitchen doing something to make the sauce for the asparagus & I hear him say "Ooh, I've got a fire." No biggie, I'm thinking he's talking about the flame on the grill got too high. So the next thing I know he comes back in the house & goes out with the fire extinguisher. When he comes in he tells me that it works & he thinks it kept the house from burning down. LOVELY! I had NO IDEA he meant there was an actual fire. You would've never known it based on the tone of his voice. So, instead of a nice night on the patio, the grill is done & the steaks had to be cooked on the George Foreman grill inside. Contrary to what George says, that thing is a pain to clean.


  1. It is a big pain to clean. But hmmm, steaks...yum.

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