Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Should've Hired A Mexican

I only worked half a day Thursday & I was off Friday. I don't have a lot of vacation time left so I'm trying to space it out so that I have some time off every month for the rest of the year. My plan for Thursday afternoon was to go shopping. I started at Penney's. Yes I know, not exactly known for their fashion but whatev, I find stuff there. I was looking for jeans & I really could use a couple pairs of shorts for Vegas. I was under the assumption (because about a million people have told me) that Oct. is a fabulous time to go to Vegas because the weather is great. Yeh, well, I'm going to be there in October so you know there's going to be some sort of weather hoorah. At the moment it's like 150 degrees there & the long range forecast is not showing any relief. We leave 2 weeks from tomorrow.

Back to the shopping trip. I found a pair of Liz Claiborne shorts that are really cute & on sale for $19.99. I found a pair of jeans there as well as a denim jacket. I could really kick myself for getting rid of the one I had in high school. Remember the trend, denim jackets with all your NKOTB buttons on it, the more the better?? So anyway, the jeans were on sale - $19.99. What a deal. I know people who wouldn't wear them because they're $19.99 & come from Penneys (I used to be one of those people). The jacket was on sale for $24.99. My only complaint is that for once I didn't have a Penney's coupon.

WOW I'm watching the Washington/USC game & Washington just kicked the field goal to go ahead 16-13 with 4 seconds left. How cool! I guess now we'll have to hear about how Washington really is good & that's why LSU had a tough time against them. OK game over, Washington won.

Back to shopping. Since I got everything I set out for & then some (the jacket) I decided to reward myself with a chocolate shake from Chick fil A. They are ABSOLUTE GREATNESS!!!! If you've never had one you're missing out. They even put whipped cream on it. A cherry too, but I don't like cherries. I believe they're the best shake in town & I would know because I've had chocolate shakes from just about everywhere. I got my large shake & headed home. I figured I didn't need to spend any more money. I went to my neighbors Pampered Chef party Thursday night & spent plenty but I bought some cool stuff!

Dean tells me Thursday night that he plans to spend Friday working in the yard. Well, that really wasn't what I had in mind when I decided to take off. I really like to work in the yard but not when it's this hot. I DO NOT like to sweat. Like, not at all. Dean went off to buy pine straw. He came home with 20 bales. We pulled weeds, trimmed bushes & put down the pine straw. I thought we put down all 20 bales but it was only 13. Lovely, that means we hadd a lot to do today. After we were finished with the front yard, we called it a day. I spend the rest of the afternoon reading, eating & napping. Friday night we went to dinner at Mike Anderson's. It was delicious as usual & we came home with leftovers.

Bright & early Saturday morning Dean was back at Lowe's getting more pine straw. Only about 20 bales fit in his truck at once. We pulled weeds, trimmed a few things & put down 27 more bales. It was HOT HOT HOT. Aside from that we put down fertilizer, weed killer & blood meal. The blood meal is a must have if you have armadillo's who want to live in your landscaping, which we do. He appears to be building a house here & we can't have that. Aside from being some of the ugliest creatures I've EVER seen, they are carriers of leprosy & they will destroy my yard. When we were about halfway through today I decided that we definitely should've hired a mexican to do this. We meed to sand & stain our front door. I was planning to do that myself. I usually feel strongly about not hiring someone to do something I'm perfectly capable of doing myself but we will be hiring a mexican to do the door. I've sweated enough for one summer.

Our neighbors have season tickets but my friend & her youngest daughter decided they didn't want to go sit in the heat to watch ULL so they were coming over for the game. Dean is BBQ'ing. Well, they got a better offer so we'll be watching by ourselves!! I don't blame them a bit. They got invited to watch the game from a suite. It's a shame it wasn't last week, she may have seen McConaughey & then I would've known about it. Speaking of, whoever the sideline reporter was last week should be fired. How do you have Matthew McConaughey on the sidelines & not interview him??? Ridiculous & inexcusable. I'm pretty confident that I've made my love for McConaughey perfectly clear & anyone that knows me KNOWS to notify me of any sightings.

Last night after we ate we went to Walmart (the Neighborhood Market, only type of Walmart we go to) to pick up a few things. I wanted to try Firefly. I love sweet tea so I figured this would be right up my alley. Walmart doesn't have it so we went to CVS. I was amongst all the college kids buying my alcohol. It was just like back in the day. I felt so young. The only thing that would've made me feel younger was if I would've been ID'd which I wasn't. Bummer. I'm having my first glass & it definitely taste like sweet tea but it also has a pretty strong kick. I mixed it with water because I do have to go to Mass in the morning. Although, I'm not going until 11:00. I don't like going to Mass that late but I'm going to be a Sunday School teacher & we have a meeting tomorrow after that Mass.

OK I'm going to watch the game.


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