Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

I've gained 1.4 since last week. This is really starting to annoy me. I only ate out once too. UGH! I was experimenting with increasing my calories to see if that's why I was staying about the same. I didn't stuff my face & I didn't eat a bunch of junk, well, except for the Cadbury eggs but they're gone now. The last 2 nights I've had a great dinner. I've been craving eggs for whatever reason. Basically, I made an omelet except it doesn't look like an omelet because I'm not a cook & have no idea how you cook the egg & put the veggies in & fold the egg over & make it pretty. Mine was more scrambled eggs with veggies mixed in topped with salsa.
I used broccoli, green onions, red, orange & yellow bell peppers, black olives, grated cheese & I topped it with salsa & avocados. YUM!! Loved it. Although, I didn't find it to be hugely filling. Of course, I'm not finding a lot of healthy food to be filling. I definitely notice that since I'm exercising so much my appetite has increased. I was hoping my stomach would shrink with the dieting/eating right/change of lifestyle. So much for that.

My work outs this week have been: C25K Sunday & Wednesday & Yoglates Mon. & Tues. I plan to go to Yoglates tomorrow too. This is my last week of C25K. Today I ran 28 mins. straight but I'm still not up to 3 miles. I'm slow. Slower than I was last time when I did it. I tried to pick up my speed a couple of weeks ago & when I finished my hip was hurting. I believe I discovered how I hurt it to begin with. I did the same exact thing the week of the 5K I ran & that was the day that my hip starting hurting. Apparently, I meant to be slow. That's ok with me. I figure eventually I'll speed up.

My kitchen project is coming along. The only thing I've done this week is let the island & drawers dry & order 2 more corbels. I got an email yesterday evening that said they're sorry but the inventory was wrong & they're sold out of the corbels & will refund my money. Figures. Today I'll put the drawers back in the island & put all the stuff back in the drawers.

Today is Administrative Professionals day. My boss always takes us out to lunch but there's a lot going on in the office so he's taking us next week. One of the other guys that we do a lot of work for always brings us a gift of dessert liquor & chocolate.
I think I'm going to need a lot of this while working on the kitchen project!



  1. Boo on the gain but you will prob work it off this week. It's probably just water! I'm meant to be slow too!!

  2. Golly that is so nice what you got from your boss! Sorry about the weight gain.

  3. Your scrambled omelot looks delicious....I do not know how to make a pretty omelot either. LOL...Don't beat yourself up too much over the weight will come back off :o) Can't wait to see your kitchen!

  4. Your food looks amazing....Can we share the Baileys?

  5. Happy Administrative Professional day, Traci! Nice that you get gifts for that, makes your job more enjoyable...Christine

  6. What a nice gift! ;) I love Baileys and coffee....YUMmo!
    I have been eating eggs more lately, too. I scramble, then top with part skim mozzarella, spinach, oregano (because it is good for something, I think the mind - ha!), and also I lightly "grill" a couple of tomato slices in the frying pan with garlic, as I am cooking the egg, and then put them on top and shove it all in a toasted whole wheat pita. GOOD!

  7. P.S. maybe you have more muscle from running and all, which would lead to a slight weight gain.

  8. YUM.. Turtles and Baileys!