Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Today was the day the granite was installed. Whooopeeee!!! Here's a sneak peek.
We decided to pay the company to rip out all of the old stuff. It was soooo loud. I honestly thought at one point that they got confused & were ripping out my cabinets too!
There's dust everywhere & they were really good about cleaning up their mess. Once they left, I swept & vacuumed & there is still a layer of dust. The back splash will be done tomorrow so I'm not worrying about doing anything else to the floor until he's finished. Incidentally, you see that blue where the back splash was? At first glance I thought that was some sort of board or something that the tile was attached too. After checking it out more closely I realized that was the color the kitchen was painted originally. UGH!!! Awful! The guy that built this house was newly divorced.  He ended up remarrying his ex wife & made her get rid of her dog so she made him paint the kitchen tan. They ended up divorced a second time. I can't imagine why......

Moving on. Friday after work I went to get new shoes. I was starting to have some lower back issues & I've had my shoes for a year. Even though I didn't run for 4 months I had a lot of miles on them. They brought out several pair for me to try based on my over pronating feet. Apparently, over pronating isn't really uncommon but it's not common enough for a variety of cute shoes to be made. The first pair I tried on were these Nike's.
OMG. Are these not the ugliest shoes you've ever seen?? See the swoosh? It's a mirror. Seriously. I kept thinking "please don't let these fit good, please don't let them be comfortable". Now, I know I don't have to buy ugly shoes but for once in my life I'm going comfort over cute. Thankfully, they were too big. Way too wide. Thank God for small favors!! I also tried on a pair of Saucony that were really comfy but they were too big & that shoe doesn't come in narrow. They were black & fuchsia! I ended up with the latest version of the Brooks Adrenaline that I had before. They didn't have the narrow width in the store so they had to order them for me & I picked them up today.
There's more grey & the blue is a little darker than my old pair. I've said before I wish they were pink but right now I'm just so thankful they don't look like those Nike's! I also mentioned awhile back that I was having sock problems. I know, I have the most random issues. As I said, my foot is narrow & because of this socks don't fit correctly. I always have a bunch of extra material down by my pinky toe & when I put my shoes on a bunch of extra material bunches up around my ankle area. Really aggravating. As luck would have it, I had worn flip flops to work Friday & forgot to bring socks. Varsity has a big box full of clean socks so I grabbed a pair so I could try on shoes. Well, it must have been fate. I picked up a pair of these.
The socks are (in the words of Guiliana Rancic - LOVE HER) AMAZEBALLS! They're like gloves for your feet. They fit amazing, there is NO excess material & they have that little tab that kinda goes above the back of your shoe. The brand is Feetures! I'd never heard of them. Now of course they're not cheap. Of course not. They're $8.95 per pair. I got 2 pair so I could try them out when I actually run. I'm in love. It was Good Friday when I was there & they had Easter eggs at the register with prizes in them. My prize was 20% off a shoe purchase. YAY!!! That paid for my socks. So today when I picked up my shoes I picked up another pair of socks.

I've been to Yoglates the last 2 days & it's been delightful. No crowd & I've been able to easily get my back row spot. I did realize today that when school is back in next week, not only will it be crowded & full of skinny Kardashian sounding Sorority girls, but they'll all be tan from laying out on the beach all week. THAT is going to annoy me. In case I haven't mentioned I'm white. Pasty white. In my younger, stupider days, I spent a lot of time in the tanning bed. Yes, I know, I know. I LOVE having a tan but I have to work hard at it. None of that awesome olive skin like my brother, Logan & Lydia all have. Sigh.

So, there will be more pics tomorrow once the back splash is installed.



  1. Finally one thing we don't have in common - I am olive. Sorry, friend!

    Do you have a Big Dog Running Co anywhere near you? If you ever get a chance to visit one - go! They have all of the equipment to diagnose and a great selection of "special needs" shoes.

    Your are cute and way better than mirrors! ;)

  2. Congrats on the new granite! I can't wait to see it. Believe me, all the dust is well worth the end result. I (we) absolutely love ours. I was really surprised they were able to do the tear-out and get everything installed in one day. That made me very happy!

  3. Oh I know you will be so proud to get this done, and it will be so pretty! The wait is awful. Talked to our floor guy yesterday, he was suppose to be here last week, now saying it will be another "few" weeks. I am soooo irritated! We truly have no-one else around here to do this, or I would have done put him in the road, lol.

  4. YAY! Can't wait to see the new granite all put in!

    Love your new shoes! :)

  5. Congrats on the granite! Can't wait to see what it looks like when it's all done.