Monday, April 16, 2012


Definitely the best way to describe this weekend. Saturday morning my plan was to begin painting the desk/bar area. I'd bought everything. Or so I thought. Turns out the roller attachment thingy we have isn't the right size for the rollers I bought. These were special foam rollers made for cabinets. I didn't have time to go to back to Lowe's & come home & start painting so I just blew it off. My parents came over & my daddy helped Dean install the faucet & do everything they had to do with the plumbing. We finally have water in the kitchen again. YAY!!! You really don't realize how much you miss something until you don't have it. Here's the faucet installed.
I meant to take a better pic & I forgot. I should've waited until dark so there wouldn't be so much light coming through. The faucet is oil rubbed bronze & it's a pull down with a sprayer. I LOVE this thing!! What I love even more is that this faucet on the Lowe's website was $500 & I bought it through Amazon for $165! The EXACT same faucet. The brand is Pfister.

Saturday afternoon I went to Emily's birthday party. Em's mom is my friend Wendy. She's 2 today. Em, not her mom. Happy Birthday Emily!! Her party was at a place that has all the bouncy things. She looked like she had a blast!
Emily wasn't much on smiling for the camera Saturday! She's so cute & petite. I was shocked that she actually let me hold her. I don't get to see her too often but she actually left her mama's arms to come to me. Looking at this pic, it's really time for some surgery. I need something done to my eyelids. They droop & I swear I have decent lashes & you can't see them. Sigh.

After the party it was off to Lowe's. I got a roller attachment thingy & bought some face plates for all the electrical outlets in the kitchen. I don't think I like the plates either. I want something to blend in & I'm having a hard time. There were some that had a stone like texture to them that I loved but they were only switch plate covers. Very frustrating. I've scoured the internet too but it's really hard to determine a color from the computer. Any advice?? I bought almond color but they I'm not sure about them.

Once I made it home I used a deglazer on the cabinets in the desk area so they'd be ready to go Sunday morning. We went to Mass & grocery shopping & then I went for a run. Day 1, week 7 of C25K! Once I got home I took my socks & shoes off & got directly in the pool. I was really hot. The pool was fairly cold at 81 degrees. I figured it was warmer than an ice bath that a lot of runners do after a run. Anywho, it cooled me off so I was ready to paint. All ready, until it was time to put the roller on the attachment thingy. Wrong attachment, it wouldn't work. UGH!!! WHY???? I decided to take a big ol chance & go to Walmart instead of Lowe's to see if they had what I needed because it's more convenient. Thankfully, I was rewarded with a basically free from aggravation trip & they had the proper equipment. Back home & I got to work. I don't have pics because I'm not finished but I don't have a whole lot left. Everything that I could paint with the roller is painted with a couple of coats including the inside of the cabinets. Next up will be the areas that are too small for the roller. Not sure when that will get done. I'm hoping for Wednesday because I plan to run that morning  so I'll go straight home from work. I would love to get the island painted next weekend. We'll see.

While I was painting some friends stopped by for a few minutes to see the new counters.
Dean's been friends with Owen & Charli's dad for years now. He's our dentist & we've gotten to be good friends with his wife since they got married. Owen will be a year old on Friday & the little chunk already weighs 29 pounds! You can't really tell in the pic but he has the prettiest curls!! When I pulled my phone out to take the picture Charli immediately starting posing. So cute!

Dean is feeling better but he's definitely not 100% yet. He went back to work today. Thanks for all of the well wishes!



  1. Love the faucet!!! (And I love Amazon, too!)

  2. Oh the counters & faucet!! Looks awesome!

    And yay for you on the C25K! That's awesome!!! How far are you running non-stop now? So proud of ya friend!

  3. One day my baby will smile for the camera! Glad you came and I know she enjoyed you holding her.

  4. Oh it is all looking so beautiful! Amazon is amazing. We replaced our faucet and light over the kitchen table (featured in my post today. My husband and I searched on-line at Lowe's and Home Depot and picked just what we wanted. The thought crossed my mind to check Amazon. And just like you, we saved a bundle. Free shipping too. Who would have thought one could get a faucet and light through Amazon!

  5. I love Amazon...we found our sink there for half of what Home Depot wanted.

    I think you look great in the have a beautiful smile!


  6. LOVE the sink. I can't wait to see it all done!!

  7. I love that faucet...and you are crazy because you look beautiful in the picture!!I love the way the kitchen is looking and I'm glad Dean is feeling better!!

  8. LOVE it Traci! Not only do we have the same granite, we have the very same faucet also. I love my tall faucet. I know you are enjoying all of it.

  9. You really scored on that faucet!! Looks great!
    Your eyes don't look as bad as mine! My grandmother had the eyelid surgery and my Mom should, and I supposed I will too at some point. SIGH!

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