Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NOT feeling it!

Today is one of those days. I did not want to get out of bed this morning. I do not want to go to Yoglates today. I just keep telling myself Yoglates is like work & I have to go. Besides, if I didn't go I'd be wasting a day of a not crowded studio with no Kardashian sounding sorority girls. I can't have that! Not to mention, I seriously need to go to class to attempt to undo what I did Sunday. You know German chocolate cake & coconut cake, among other things. Also, I may have had some leftover coconut cake last night & it's possible that I ate it right out of the Rubbermaid container. It's also entirely possible that I'll be having more of it tonight. The sooner I eat it, the sooner it's out of the house right?? Maybe Dean will eat it before I get home today. If not, maybe it will be my dinner. Did I mention I'm not weighing this week?

Something else I don't want to do but I have to is finish emptying my kitchen cabinets. The granite people said I should empty them because of all of the dust that's going to get everywhere. UGH! I emptied some last night. I have wine glasses all over the bathroom vanities in the Hollywood bath. Luckily, I can just take the drawers out & stack them in one of the extra rooms. Now would've been a great time to organize the cabinets but you know, I did that at the beginning of the year. Sigh.

The good news is that I have the next 2 days off work. I'll be home laying on a sofa reading & catching up on everything I've been recording on the DVR. The even better news is that by Friday, I'll have a different kitchen! It also means the hard work will need to start. I am painting the cabinets. I have to pick colors too. I can't decide what sort of finish I want either. Semi gloss? Egg shell? Oh the decisions......



  1. I hope you are going to show us the finished product. I love sprucing up the kitchen. Have a piece of cake for me.

  2. Can't wait to see your granite. It will all be worth it when it's all done. I'm with you about weighing in this week. We just finished the last piece of carrot cake this evening and I'm not getting on the scale until next week! Defitely going on a LOW carb diet for the next several days!

  3. I bet that beautiful new granite will make the chore worth it!

  4. I have been doing nothing but EATING Easter Candy. Can't stop myself. It is bad!!!

  5. I have been doing nothing but EATING Easter Candy. Can't stop myself. It is bad!!!