Thursday, April 5, 2012


Beyond belief. Seriously. This whole diet, eating right, change eating habits thing is annoying me. For the last several weeks I've bounced around between a couple of pounds. Back & forth, back & forth & it's driving me crazy. I haven't even been eating out much. I've been doing my 3 runs a week & yoglates 3 times a week. I upped my calories & that worked for a bit, then I lowered my calories when it didn't seem to be working. Not sure what to do next. THEN Sunday is Easter! Aside from the whole Religious meaning of the day (Yes, I KNOW that's the important part of the day), it also means Holiday at my house with waaayyy too much food. It also means that my mom is making one of my favorite cakes EVER that we haven't had in a long time - coconut cake. LOOOVVVVEEEE IT! Mrs. Joyce will make her ham, Dean is doing some big slab of meat on the Primo grill thing he bought, Lydia's making baked beans & bringing bread, my mom is also making deviled eggs & potato salad cause you know, we need more food & I'm making cole slaw. Do I have a plan as to how to not eat too much? No. My plan is to eat good the next few days & then try not to completely pig out Sunday & then get back on track Monday. Why does food have to be good?? Why can't it all just be plain & bland & of no interest to us except as fuel for our bodies? My life would be much easier if that were the case.

On a happier note, my granite counters & back splash will be installed next week. YAY!!! They came Monday & used this little laser contraption & took exact measurements. Now all the fabrication work takes place. The tear out & granite will be done Wednesday & the back splash Thursday. I have to take everything out of my cabinets before Wednesday. I'm not really looking forward to that or all the dust that will be everywhere.  Oh well, it's part of it. Next up will be picking paint for the cabinets. I always have a hard time with that.



  1. I have dieted on and off all my life. I need to lose a lot now. The older you get the harder it is and I am just going to get back to moving more.
    Oh, how exciting that you are getting new counters and backsplash. It will be a mess for a while. I remember when we did that a few years ago. It will be worth it though.

    Happy Easter

  2. Exactly!! Why does the bad for you stuff have to taste do good?! :)

  3. I'm with you!! I just love food sometimes! We passed a hard core workout group on the way to dinner tonite and I just thought, I have no desire to work that hard - I'd rather eat!
    I want to be thin,

  4. Traci, holidays are difficult when you are trying to lose weight for sure! I will allow myself to eat some of whatever I want, but will fill up on protein before I go to the party and when at the party, will fill up on protein and veggies. I might skip the high carb side dishes so I can eat dessert. Start the day off(breakfast with protein only) and see if that helps. The whole reason for eating is to not be hungry and to get fuel for your body. I always tell myself I'm going to be full whatever I eat and eating protein and veggies is going to accomplish that. I've been on a on a maintenance program since mid-November and haven't gained any weight back. I will start on losing another 8 to 10 pounds soon.
    Regarding your granite...that's really exciting!

  5. It is tough and this weekend will be hard to pass up the candies. That is awesome about the granite!

  6. I totally agree...if food didn't taste good, I'd be skinny! Hahaha! Woohoo for granite! Can't wait to see some pictures!