Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

It would be a little better if I wasn't sitting at my desk at work & was running around Lowe's with Dean but that's not the way it is. Speaking of Lowe's, while he was there he was going to pick up some sealer for my granite & back splash. That's a project I'll be doing. What kind of sealers do y'all use? The back splash is tumbled travertine. I was told to use something for "natural stone". That was $85 a gallon. They were out of it & they also had something that said for marble, granite, travertine. It was $28 a gallon. What's the deal? Do I need to spend the $85?

I feel better today about the whole weight loss thing than I did yesterday. I'm wearing a smaller pair of pants I bought awhile back & they fit fine. I definitely need to measure myself. I went to Yoglates yesterday & to the guy that was next to me blowing his nose on his shirt....DON'T SIT BY ME & DO THAT!!!! Ugh, so gross! I have a week stomach when it comes to nose blowing & that just totally disgusted me. Hearing someone blow their nose first thing in the morning makes me nauseous. Always has.  There's a bathroom in the studio that people go to during class all the time. On a more pleasant note, yesterday was LSU's last day of school until the 16th. Spring break is a wonderful time of year for us. Yoglates won't be crowded with super skinny sorority girls that talk like the Kardashians & traffic will be soooo much better. See, we live about 3 miles from LSU & as long as school is in session traffic is bad. Really bad.

I was up at 4:45 this morning to go for my run. I'm sure Dean wasn't overly excited about the alarm going off at that time of the morning on his day off but I told him he could take a nap this afternoon if he needed. HA! Today I started Week 6 which was (2) 9 minute runs with a 3 minute walk in between. The temperature was great & I got through it. I've been thinking it's time for new running shoes & I definitely think that's the case after this morning. My lower back is bothering me. Nothing severe but I think new shoes will help. My next run is 20 mins. straight.

My tulips are still looking pretty but they've changed positions.
I love how tulips do this! Notice that black granite tile on the island. This time next week it won't be there. WOOO HOOO!!!!

Happy Good Friday!!



  1. Umm EWW!!! Who in the world has such a LACK of manners that they would blow their nose on their shirt??!? How RUDE! Makes me gag just thinking about it and I cannot STAND it when people do that at the table either! Excuse yourself to the restroom please, people!!

    Enjoy your break from the little Kardashian Klan! Ha! you are doing GREAT on your c25k and workouts!!

  2. Totally nasty about that nose blower! Ew! I would feel the same way. So impressed you get up so early to work out. So awesome!

  3. Did you know that if you put a penny at the bottom of the vase of tulips, they will stand straight up? :) I didnt believe it either until I tried it:) funny.