Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

Saturday morning I was up early to run a few errands. I'd ordered a German Chocolate cake from Ambrosia for my brother to have yesterday. His birthday is Friday & that's his fave. Ambrosia doesn't have a very good system. There's a line to stand in to pick up an order. My pickup time was 11:00. It was 10:55 when  it was my turn. A guy went to get my cake & came back empty handed. I was told that my cake wasn't ready & that I had an 11:00 pick up time. HUH?? There were a lot of people in line behind me that had the same pick up time & there's weren't ready either. Crazy! Well, there's another line you have to stand in to pay so I got in it so at least I wouldn't just be standing around. Before I could pay they called my name & gave me my cake. Funny, it was cold. How is it that it wasn't ready but it's cold now? I said, "oh, it was ready?" & the girl said "we thought you had a strawberry cake, those are the one's that aren't ready". I took my cake, paid & left but I was annoyed.

I've mentioned before how I'm not impressed with Target. Well, they disappointed me again. Before picking up the cake we stopped by so that I could pick up some Easter treats for Logan. There wasn't a plain M&M to be had in the store. Everything was so picked over. Yes, I know it was the day before Easter. We ended up leaving & the only thing I bought was an iced green tea from the Starbuck's that's in the store. YUM! I ended up at a Super Walmart later in the day. I really hate Super Walmart but this was a somewhat pleasant experience. They had plenty of candy & I picked up some chips & some movies & then I managed to walk right up to a checkout line that was just opening & I didn't have to wait. I figure I've used up all of my Walmart luck for the next year so I need to stay away.

Once I got home Dean & I worked outside. I went for a bike ride too. It was such a pretty day. I rode 4.26 miles. Then it was home to hang out on the patio listening to the LSU game & reading. Once the game was over Dean & I went to Fuzzy's Taco Shop to eat. I had the enchilada's. They were good. We'd only been to Fuzzy's once before but I like it a lot & it's close to home.

Sunday morning we were up early to go to 7:00 Mass & then home to get ready for our families. I picked up more tulips.
I thought the white ones were really pretty for Easter. 

As usual we had way too much food. Everything was so good! Ham, potato salad, cole slaw, pork loin, baked beans, rolls, deviled eggs & our neighbor brought over some of his amazing Risotto. He knows how much I like it so I have leftovers! Then there was the cake. My mom's coconut was amazing as usual & the german chocolate was delish too.

The Easter bunny visited my house Saturday night & left some goodies for Logan.
Excuse the bag, but the Easter bunny that visited my house didn't have her stuff together & waited too long to get a basket. He wasn't all that interested anyway because you know, the pool was right there & he just wanted to "swim in the water"! We tried to hold him off a bit because the water was only 80 which is cold & we figured once he got in no way was he getting out for lunch.
Dean bought him a fish at Academy Saturday. It's battery operated & swims all over the pool. Logan loved it! Needless to say we weren't successful in keeping him out.
He didn't mind the temp at all! 

We had a great day hanging out with our family. I hope you did too!



  1. Sounds like you had a great day! You are so funny about Target & Super Walmart. However, they do frustrate me at times, too. Do you have Super Targets down your way? They have a complete grocery store, just like Walmart. Both stores are a great!

  2. Oh how fun, Traci. Sorry about your bad experiences with store but that cake from Ambrosia sounds good. I hope it was worth all that aggravation...Christine

  3. Yes, that fish was a hit!

  4. Yes, that fish was a hit!

  5. So cute!! I love those swimming fish!
    Our Target is so much better than "that place that must not be named". You should send email complaints until your Target gets their act together! lol