Saturday, January 29, 2011

Is that the sun???

YES!! Not only has the sun been shining but the temp is like 70! It's great! Yesterday was the same & it was gorgeous. Such a shame that I had to work all day. We've been outside all morning. We pulled a few weeds, I swept the patio while Dean took care of the pool. After Mass this afternoon Dean is going to BBQ & I think we'll spend the evening on the patio. We have to take advantage of the weather because it's supposed to start raining tomorrow. Then I'm sure it will be cold again.

This week has been full of visiting & eating!! The other night I got to visit my friend Liz & her new baby, Michael. I hadn't seen her in awhile so it was fun to catch up. Michael is too cute. He's 7 weeks old & is just so tiny! Wednesday night Dean had a work function so I had dinner with my good friend Allison. We went to Brewbachers, which is a local restaurant/bar. "Back in the day" this was our hangout so it was lots of fun to hang out there again. And we did hang out. For like 3 hours! That's what so great about Brewbachers. You can sit there as long as you want & nobody cares. Last night we went with our friends the Gillio's & the Mitchell's to dinner at Reginelli's. This is a local pizza place on LSU's campus. We hadn't been before & it was really good. Did I mention that I had pizza for lunch as well?? Yeh, I did. There's another new pizza restaurant that's not far from work. They have a lunch buffet so me & "the boys" went for lunch. "The Boys" being our friends Stan & Aaron. They work with me. That pizza was good too but Reginelli's was better.

I've started cleaning another closet. I started this morning before we went outside. Technically, all I've done is taken stuff out of the closet but it's a start. I probably won't finish until tomorrow. I figure if it's raining then that will be the perfect project.  I'll take pics once it's all done.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.



  1. You got to the closet yet? hahah. You think I got to mine yet? hahahhahahhahaha. Just enjoy the weather and don't worry about inside stuff.

  2. Sounds like alot of fun and laughin' going on to me!!
    From the baby, to dinner with your friend to the warmth of the sun-- amazing!

  3. Enjoy the sunshine!! It's amazing what a little warmth can do for our spirits!! = )))