Thursday, January 6, 2011

An Update

So I got a lot of response from my last post about reading. I'd love if everyone would send me their favorite authors & books. Leave a comment or email me. I'm always looking for something new to read. The Nook has this great feature (I'm sure the Kindle does too) that lets you make a wish list. It can be done directly from the Nook or if you're on the computer on Barnes & Noble's website you can add stuff to it there & it will be on your Nook as well. I took some time the other day & made a list. That way when I'm ready to download a new book I'll have some to choose from. Like I said, I do better with a list. Last night I downloaded Emily Giffin's new book, Heart of the Matter. Well, it's not really new but her newest. It came out at the beginning of 2010. I love her books.

I've done really well on the Dr. Pepper intake. Granted it's only been 3 1/2 days but still. I haven't had one in 2 days. This wasn't really done on purpose, it kinda just happened. I made some sweet tea (sweetened with Splenda) & I've been drinking a lot of that.

Tomorrow is the Cotton Bowl. Seems like forever since LSU played a football game. Dean & I are going to our friends, The Mitchell's, to watch. It's going to be a Tapas party. I'm making Shrimp Dip. Yeh, I know. Not exactly Tapas but this is something I know how to make that is good. It's a favorite of mine. I'll share the recipe & a pic once I make it. The great thing about it is it taste better if you make it the day before you're going to eat it. I guess it gives the shrimp & all the other flavors time to blend together. I'm very proud of myself for getting up this morning, getting ready for work & leaving early enough to go to the grocery store & get the ingredients. Yay for me! One less thing to do after work.

Something I've noticed in the last couple of weeks is that I'm getting emails from on a regular basis. Like, every day. I don't know where they got my email address. I have a match. I don't need them.

Oh, I almost forgot - The washing machine is fixed!! WOOO HOOO!! Dean Rocks! The new timer came in yesterday & it took Dean all of 10 minutes to install it. Now, I'm really annoyed that we paid the service guy $70 to tell us it was the timer when that's what Dean thought it was to begin with. Still, $70 for the service call & $80 for the part is a whole lot better than buying a new one. To me washers are like tires. I hate spending money on that type of stuff.

Well, this was all really random. Oh well. GEAUX TIGERS!!



  1. I want to read more books, so I am totally coming back here for some ideas. I will also be back for the shrimp dip sound wonderful :)

  2. My "boys" played in the Sugar Bowl... Go BUCKEYES!!!:)

    I have already shared my fav but will also be back for some ideas.

  3. Hi Traci, glad your washer is fixed. Dean's not just a good cook but a talented handy man too, lucky you! Here,I have to pay someone to hang pictures for me. Sounds like your new year is starting with a lot of fun. Hope your team wins!...Christine

  4. My husband has the nook and he loves it. He has a wish list on there as well. I'd like to read more this year as well. My biggest issue is I fall asleep only after reading a few pages. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  5. Traci, that shrimp dip sounds interesting. Please don't make us wait too long for the recipe.

    Good news about the washer. Fortunately for us, The Man is kind of a "jack of all trades" and can analyze and fix most things. I just hate when things break down or malfunction. It can certainly spoil a good day.

  6. Go, Dean! Glad you got your washer fixed. Mine has been leaking water back into the tub and soaking all the clean clothes. Ugggh. Probably a clog in the drain hose but we are into Upward season now so it is fix it myself or wait until March! Or until Mr. Andrew ventures back over this way. Don't you hate it when the basic stuff breaks?