Saturday, January 15, 2011

Woe is Me!!

Friday night Dean & I went to dinner with a bunch of our neighbors. Chimes is one of our favorite places & it's practically on LSU's campus. That means if you go anytime that school is in session you have to wait a long time for a table. Dean is not a wait for a table kind of guy. Especially, when it's an hour or more. School starts one day next week so we took full advantage. It was delicious as usual. I had crab cakes. Did I mention they have the best hush puppies ever???

I just want a pair of black boots with a wedge heel that I don't want to pay a fortune for. Is that to much to ask?? Dean & I went shopping today. We went to the Outlet mall first. The Coach store was having a big sale plus I had a coupon. I've been wanting one of those cross body bags. I wanted it for our trip to Disney because it's so convenient but I ran out of time beforehand. I found this one.

It was marked down & then 50% off the marked down price plus I had my 20% off coupon. I got money for Christmas from my parents & Dean's parents so I used some of it to buy the bag. We have plans to spend a day in New Orleans for Mardi Gras with friends & that will include a lot of walking. This bag will be perfect for carrying my camera, phone & lip gloss.

Back to the boots. After the outlet mall we went to the regular mall. The ONLY tall black wedge leather (I don't want suede) boots I could find were Steve Madden. I LOVED them but not $130 love. Well, actually I did love them that much but being that I have 2 other pair of black boots I didn't really think I could justify the price. I did learn something. If you want Steve Madden, don't buy them at the Steve Madden store. The boots were $199 there & on sale for $130 but at Dillard's the regular price for the same boots was $130. I've scoured the internet to no avail. I'm hoping Dillard's has a big sale soon!

Speaking of Dillard's, look what they have.

Have y'all seen these? I was DYING laughing. I can't imagine men buying Spanx. Too funny!

I was in a pizza mood so we decided to go to California Pizza Kitchen. We've never been there before & it was close by. Well, remember what I said about Dean not being a wait for a table type of guy? Yeh, well there was a 30 minute wait for a table. Needless to say we moved on. We went to a local pizza joint, Schlitz & Giggles. Well, it may be a franchise I don't know, but 2 former LSU basketball players own the 2 in Baton Rouge. It was really good. They have these things they call Knots. It's dough tied in knots & baked with garlic & all kinds of cheesy goodness. They accidentally brought us the dessert knots which are DIVINE!!! There's this buttery, creamy sauce stuff with powdered sugar that you dip them in. O. M. G. Sooooo good! Anyway, we just ate those. It was no big deal but the waitress came & told us that the kitchen made the mistake & she brought the appetizer ones to us. They were delish too!

After lunch we came home & I took a little nap before we went to Mass. It was a lovely day.



  1. LOL! Love the spanx. Too funny.

    Your purse is precious Traci. Sounds like you had fun. :)

  2. You know I am jealous of you getting to go to Mardi Gras! I would love to go just one time to say that I have been. I am kinda like Dean now, I am not gonna stand around and wait on a table either! Well, unless they can offer me a seat at a really good bar with really good appetizers and drinks until they can give me a table lol.

  3. I really like that purse. You know how I feel about Coach.

  4. I had heard about Spanx for men on a radio show that I listen to. It was hilarious to know that men wear those! I think they even bought on for the host to wear and he did:)

    Sounds like you have had a fun weekend. I know that you are napping today:)

  5. So sorry you missed eating at California Pizza Kitchen. Mr. Ron and I really like the food there. If you remember my Thanksgviging post, that is where we went and the FORGOT ABOUT US so ended up bringing us free desserts. Don't you LOVE when that happens? LOL

  6. Love your purse and the SPANX for men made me laugh! ;)

    XOXO ~Liz

  7. Crab cakes and hush puppies...yum yum! I want them both now!!

  8. Ok if I see my Man in spanx I am outta here! LOL...that was a good laugh. Your night sounded fun.

  9. I would love to see The Man in a pair of Spanx! Great bag. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Need one of those.

  10. Good luck on getting the boots you want!! I almost spit my coffee out when I saw the mens Spanx!!! HILARIOUS!

  11. So disciplined! I would have bought the boots. :)