Sunday, January 23, 2011

I ROCKED.....Well, not literally

I got a ton done this weekend! Our Friday night fun was a small birthday party for our friend Cliff. There was king cake, coffee & wine, along with Mardi Gras music. It was fun & relaxing to just hang out. Yesterday, I had a painting project which took most of the afternoon. I'll show you that tomorrow. I finished in time to get ready so we could go to Mass. We decided on Mexican for dinner & went to La Carreta. I had tortilla soup. There's is soooo good! This morning when I woke up I seemed to have a lot of energy. It could possibly have something to do with the fact that I had 10.5 hours of sleep Saturday night. HA! I decided to tackle some things on my to do list. First was cleaning out our closet. It stayed really clean for over a year but with everything going on the last month it had gotten out of hand. Soooo, this is me keeping it real...
This is by the door of the closet looking at my area.
This would be Dean's shelves. I just had to show how ridiculously neat he is!
I went through my clothes & found a few things to donate. I even made room for 4 new pair of shoes. When I told Dean that he looked at me like I'd lost my mind. I did donate 4 pair so there's room for 4 more right? Here's what it looked like when I was finished.
I keep all of my short sleeve stuff on the top & it's all organized by color. All of the long sleeve stuff is on the bottom also organized by color. This part of the closet stays pretty organized. On the left side are my pants, jeans & dresses. The cubby's on the shelf above the clothes is where I keep off season shoes. They don't all fit but it keeps some of them out of the floor. My purses are up there too. I want to get a couple of hooks to hang them on to make them easier to get to but I wasn't going to the store today.
Yes, those are footy pj's hanging on the hook. They're WONDERFUL with all the cold weather we've been having. All my t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts & lounging around pants are organized on the shelves. I have tanks & tights in the tiger cubby's. Socks & slipper socks are in the little white plastic thingys.
The 3 drawer white thingy holds all my trouser socks & stockings. I have a drawer for brown, one for black & one for navy. Look how nice all those shoes look!
The other side of the closet with more shoes! It's really nice to walk in the closet & see all this neatness! Next up was our bathroom.  I just realized that I didn't take any before & after pics but it's a bathroom, not much to see. In the cabinets under my sink I found all sorts of stuff. I had self tanning stuff from years ago, about a zillion bottles of lotion that each had about a teaspoon left. All that stuff went in the trash. Nobody has to worry about Dean or I becoming addicted to pain pills. While cleaning out a drawer I found pain pills from when I had my wisdom teeth out (that was almost 8 yrs. ago) & pain pills from when Dean had shoulder surgery (that was before me, so that means over 12.5 years ago). Clearly, since all those pills were left we weren't abusing them. I also discovered that we have a ridiculous amount of band aids for a 2 person household. Especially, being that neither of us are kids which are generally the prime users of band aids. I consolidated them. I can't begin to tell you how many bottles of various over the counter meds we had that were expired. All were trashed. Now we have a lot of extra room. It's lovely!

Once that was done I finished Allison's Mardi Gras wreath. I'll have pics later. Once I had all of that done, I ate lunch & decided I could reward myself with some book time. I finished reading the last High Heels mystery, Mayhem in High Heels. It was really good but I'm sad I'm finished because the author had a little message at the end that it was the last book of the series. I HATE when author's do that. So, like I said, I ROCKED this weekend getting all this stuff done!



  1. MAJOR ROCKIN' going on at your house. One thing.... You must not like the color green. I see no green!!? lol Me either! Although it's my favorite color, I own NO green clothing.

    You go, girl.

  2. Doesn't it feel good after organizing? You can easily breath now. As for me, there is no way I can fit my shoes and purses in the walk in closet, lol. I have an armoire just for purses but they don't even fit in there so I have baskets of them in the closet too. My shoes are in shelves in the garage cabinets. Hope you get your boots soon...Christine

  3. That looks great! Good job! I like your armoire. Since Dean is so good at folding clothes, you should have him keep up your side of the closet.

  4. Your closet looks so pretty! There is just something so refreshing about a clean and organzised closet! Makes me wanna go freshen mine up a bit!

    I have a bin under my bathroom sink filled with makeup and junk. Who even knows how long I have had all that stuff. I think I should take care of that this week...I could use the extra space.

    Thanks for gave me motivation :)

  5. Dying over your closet space! I don't have a walk in, so the hubs has to store his clothes in the spare room. HAHA. Great job organizing!

  6. Wowee Zowee! That looks great Traci! I so need to figure out how to better organize our closet. When it is a place that no one else usually sees it kinda becomes an afterthought, but I see it every day so I guess that makes it important still! :-) You did an amazing job and you are definitely inspiring me!

  7. Wow, you do rock! Great job on the closet. Sorry, I'm still kinda chuckling over the footed pj's. Can't wait to see your painting project and the wreath. I feel the same way about a good book -- hate to finish that last chapter.

  8. You 100 percent rocked it out. Your closet looks amazing. So jealous you ate King Cake.... = )))