Monday, January 31, 2011

I can't believe I'm about to do this.

Look what I bought yesterday.....
Yes, it's a yoga/pilates mat. Why would I buy this?? Because apparently, I've lost my mind. My neighbors have started going to a yogalates class several times a week. They keep encouraging me to go with them. I don't really like to exercise. I'd much prefer to lay on the sofa & read a book or watch mindless TV. I'm guessing this could be why I've gained some weight. I've cut way back on Dr Pepper & lost a few pounds but only a few so  now I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth it to not drink the DP. Anywho, I don't like to exercise. I'm sore from doing yard work Sat. Dean likes to tell people "Traci doesn't sweat". A more accurate statement would be "Traci doesn't LIKE to sweat". However, I know I need to do something so I'm going to bite the bullet & try it out. I think I'll be more inclined to go since I'll have people to go with. We'll see. The good thing is there's no contract so I won't be locked into anything.  Well, except for the $13 yoga mat!!

We have a local grocery store in town, Calvin's Bocage, which has THE BEST chicken salad ever!! It's soooo good. They make it themselves & it's so good they make hundreds of pounds a DAY!!  I wanted to have it for lunch this week so I went yesterday to pick some up after I had my nails done. While I was in the area I went to Marshalls. I never go there just because it's out of the way for me & the traffic in this town is awful!! Anyway, that's where I found the yoga mat. Like I said, I paid $13 but I googled it & it sells for $30 so I thought that was a great deal. I didn't find anything else.

I got up at 6:45 yesterday morning. I know, ridiculous for a Sunday. I went to Mass Saturday but Dean stayed home so off he went at 6:30 yesterday morning & I couldn't go back to sleep. I went back to work on the closet I started on Saturday. I swear I don't know where the crap comes from. I wasn't able to finish because I need some storage containers, which I plan to go get at lunch today. Hopefully, I'll get it finished or close to it tonight & then I'll post pictures.

Happy Monday!



  1. We should get Joni to give us classes. Ok, I've done yoga and pilates, but not at the same time. I'm curious to see what you'll think about this. I found pilates to be um, difficult. Good for you though!!!

  2. Wonderful Traci! Let me know how it is. I may get one too. I need to relax and stretch out more.

    Thanks for your sweet words.
    ~Melissa :)

  3. I'm w/ you on HATING exercise, but I guess it is a necessary evil sometimes! I don't think I could give up DP - I'm addicted!

    Can't wait to hear how the yogalates goes!

  4. Good for you! I have never tried yoga, but have always wanted to.

  5. My mama and I are hoping to start going to yoga soon. I miss it!

  6. I want to hear how the yogalates goes. I always do better with a partner, too. My progress is still slow. Sigh...

  7. It's a good start, Traci. Good luck!..Christine

  8. OK! I am SOOOO BEHIND that I had to go back a few posts here so, that being said....
    LOVE the BOOTS! What an awesome hub! Mine would NEVER! {but that could just be because im to OCD}, You DID ROCK out your closet! Mine is a WRECK!!!! Hhhmmm....Maybe I could share MY disaster! YIKES! Your Corner cabinet look AMAZING! I cant wait to see how you decorate them!!! And the excersize mat...YOU GO GIRL! I NEED to get me one and get busy doing some excersize! Congrats on the AWARDS!!! You are racking them in! You DESERVE THEM! You are a doll!!! Ive got BOTH KIDDOS home vommiting left and righyt! Gag!

    xoxokara LOVE U SWEET GIRL!

  9. You are braver than I am! My daughter asked me today if I wanted to go for a run! Haha! Very funny. A walk is more my speed! Good luck!

  10. Good for you, Traci. I hate organized exercising, but The Man and I walk every morning at least 2+ miles and usually further on the weekends. I think that's pretty good for 60+ year olds. Thanks for all your sweet comments about our little kiddoes.

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