Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Confession

I believe I've mentioned before about how I don't like to read directions. Like, I really HATE to read directions. It's only gotten worse since manufacturers have started putting owners manuals online rather than printing them. When I bought my Nook & my new digital camera I vowed to read the manuals & figure out how to work everything. Well, here we are 5 months later & I know how to download books & read books & how to take a picture on auto. I'm really going to try & do better. So, what does this have to do with my confession??  I'm about to reveal something that is going to really make me look stupid but I'm just keeping it real. I discovered the other day while reading my Nook that I don't have to use the buttons on the side to turn the pages. The Nook has a touch screen for searching, downloading & all sorts of other things. One of those other things is turning the page. You just kind slide your finger over the screen & the page turns. Really really simple! I wish I would've known this when I was wearing the brace. It would've made things easier.

Sunday, Dean & I spent the afternoon at my parents house. They live across the street from my brother, sis-in-law & nephew so we got to visit with them too & play with Logan.
I love the expression on his face! He was hitting that ball all over the place. Logan will be 2 in May. He hasn't yet mastered the art of listening to his parents. This was his reaction when his daddy told him to get down out of the chair.
Too cute!! After awhile we went back across the street & let Logan play on his swing that he has at my parents.
He loves it!! He would cackle. It was hilarious!

So, I told you about the Steve Madden boots I wanted. Well, last night Dean was online & he asked me if I wanted him to find me some boots. Um, yeh, ok. I'd already googled & searched & googled some more looking for the same boots only in a different, less expensive brand with no luck. WELL, he found a pair!!! At Old Navy for $40. Yes, I know they won't be the same quality as the Steve Madden's but that's ok.  For $40 I'm willing to take a chance. So, they were ordered & I'm anxiously awaiting delivery!!!



  1. Wow....tell your hubby to shop for me! :) haha!! Can't wait to see the new boots!

  2. Logan is adorable and looks so happy. I just love happy kiddoes!

    Good luck on the boots. I don't get a bunch of things from Old Navy, but I've had good luck on what I have purchased. They tend to be trendy but also cheap (I mean inexpensive) and cheap-trendy is something I can do! You have to model them for us, okay?

  3. Little Logan has the cutest face! Oh and I think that is so sweet that your hubby offered to shop for you. No really, how sweet is that! Not only did he offer to shop for you but he found ya something good!

    Kendra aka "Domestic Princess in Training"

  4. Girl... hubs sounds like a keeper. The fact that he asked you if you wanted to shop? uhh.. HELLO!?!

    Little guy is a cutie. Pinch those cheeks for me, would ya?

  5. Logan is so cute on the swing...love that face :)

    Yay for getting some GREAT boots!

  6. Wow, what a great husband you have! And little Logan is so adorable! I stumbled upon your blog and so glad I did! I love it! am your newest follower. You can find me at:


    Have a great day!!! :-)


  7. Logan and his faces. hahahah!

  8. What an awesome hubby you have shopping on line for you. And Traci, I am the same way when it comes to directions, drives my husband crazy. Just don't ever try to put a piece of sauder furniture together without reading them first. I once had a TV stand inside out LOL!

  9. What an adorable little boy!! SO CUTE.

  10. Lydia - Logan's MomJanuary 19, 2011 at 3:25 PM

    That little boy -- he's something else!

  11. Adorable photos! I love the one of Logan on the swing! You can tell he is lovin' that swing!

  12. I don't even attempt directions. I was no help at Christmas. HAHA