Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Again

That's a creative title right? It is what it is. Same old thing. The weekends go by too fast. I feel like all I do lately is post about workouts. Clearly there's not much happening in the Blanchard household. 

One day last week was arm day. 

I did these 2 workouts before work. I try not to get discouraged that weights don't burn as many calories during the workout. I mean 175 for 50 minutes isn't awful but it's not as much as cardio. There were other workouts during the week too. One afternoon I skipped the stop at Starbuck's on the way home to try & beat the rain & get my run in. I managed 2 miles. Not awful. I finished in less than 20 minutes so it turned into a nice little speed workout. I think it was Tuesday that I did a 4 mi. run after work. I ran mile 4 in 8:01. Yes, I felt like I was going to die when I finished but I did it. I've never ran that fast before. 

Friday night we went to the LSU game. It was cold again & by the end of the 7th I was too cold to sit & watch anymore so I went & sat in the truck. No big deal, only 2 innings left. Yeh, right. They played 12. I actually fell asleep in the truck. Then they lost. I realize you can't win every game. My issue is that if you're going to lose, lose in 9.  

Saturday we went to Central for t-ball. Logan's team made it to the Championship Game of the opening season tournament. The game was supposed to be last Sunday but it was rained out. 

It's so cute & frustrating to watch them! 

Logan's team won & each player got a medal. 

After the game Dean & I ran errands. Of course we didn't think it would take as long as it did & the next thing you know it had been 6 hours since I'd eaten. Here's the thing. I'm a lot like a baby. I get cranky if I don't have enough sleep & if I'm not fed regularly. 6 hours is not regularly for me. I'm one of the eat 5 times a day people. After much debate about where I wanted to eat we ended up at Caliente. Why do we even discuss it? 

Now, I'm a happy camper. It was a gorgeous day in Baton Rouge so we sat on the patio. I could not stop eating salsa. After our 3:30 lunch we went home & I managed to get a nap in. Then it was time for the LSU game. They managed to win & not go to extra innings. Although the real highlight of the game was the grounds crew dancing to Shake It Off. 

Yesterday, we were up early for Palm Sunday Mass. The LSU game was at 11:00 so after Mass we went to Another Broken Egg for breakfast. I don't remember what this was called but basically it was an egg, black bean, chorizo & cheese burrito with salsa, sour cream & guacamole. Really good.

I'm beginning to think I have a problem with Mexican food. For so long I didn't like anything but a taco salad so maybe I'm just making up for lost time.

After breakfast we finally made it to Starbuck's. I've only been trying to get there since they announced the Birthday Cake Frappuccino Thursday. 

I thought it totally lived up to the hype. It reminded me so much of a wedding cake snowball. I didn't get whip because I try to save calories where I can but I found out later that since it's a birthday cake frap they use pink whipped cream! Bummer that I missed that. Today is the last day they're serving it. I kinda want to stop on my way home from work.

I decided that I'd had enough baseball for one weekend & I wanted to get a run in before it got too hot so I stayed home & Dean went to the game.

So, running's a funny thing. I didn't run Friday or Saturday & when I started yesterday my legs felt heavy which is weird. They should've been rested. I wanted to run 4 miles. After the first mile I wanted to quit & told myself I just needed to do 3. Then I started feeling better. I try not to look at my watch too much because that just makes the run longer. The first time I looked it was at 3.67 mi. OK cool, I can do 4 right? Well, that's the funny thing, then I was like oh I'm doing 5 & I did. 

Once I got home I did some leg work. I'm trying to do a ton of strength training in hopes that I won't get injured training & that maybe I'll actually get faster. So for 48 mins. I did squats & lunges & all sorts of stuff. Then I took a nap. I don't feel guilty napping when I've worked out!

So glad I didn't go to the game because they went to extra innings again & lost again. 

When Dean came home he cut the grass & I pulled weeds. It's no where close to being finished but at least I started. I wore my watch & heart rate monitor to see how many calories I burned.

The pic is dark but I was outside 1:08 & burned 148 calories. 

The 4:30 alarm went off much too quickly this morning. Today was arm day. 

I got it done. Maybe my extra leg work is helping because I'm not sore at all from yesterday's run & workout.



  1. You motivate me to get moving!! AND also to eat more Mexican food. :)

  2. AND, we are going to the LSU game on Saturday. They better win it in 9. I don't do extra innings with Landry!! ha!

  3. Way to go on the 8:01 mile!! I really think the strength training helps a ton with speed.

  4. I wish I had started running at a young age. I would like to be a runner but EVERY time I ran in college I got shin splints so gave up. Now I walk, but for an old lady that's OK. Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comments. I laughed about "lose in 9"!!! I would feel like that too!!!