Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Musings

At the LSU game in honor of the National Guardsmen from Louisiana that were killed last week.

Saturday morning was a long overdue hair morning. 

This looks like the old school dryers but it's actually a steamer. You sit under that & the steam processes your highlights. There's definitely a alien look to it.

We went to Mass & then to eat at Caliente. We FINALLY had a beautiful day & were able to eat on the patio.

I had fajitas & my last Jose Special made by Jose & I didn't even know it! Jose is moving on. He tried to teach Eric how to make it but Eric's doesn't turn out right although Eric thinks it's perfect. #notafanoferic

I guess Jose didn't want a big deal made about him leaving because he didn't even tell us. We found out after we left. 

I'll be drinking mango margaritas on the rocks from here on out.

This is Analiss, the owner's baby. It was our first time to meet her. She's so cute!

After Caliente we went to the LSU game. That was a nightmare. After leading most of the game, Ole Miss tied it up in the 9th. Lovely. They played 14 innings & LSU lost. That's annoying. If you're going to lose, lose in 9.

Sunday was a lazy day until Fleet Feet's St. Patrick's Day 3.17 race. 

Me & Karen ran & Allison cheered us on. My eyes look like that because the sun was BRIGHT & it was HOT! Like 80 degrees hot. I'm ready for spring but not summer & not when I'm running.

That's me & a new PR - 30:39. About 2.5 seconds after this picture was taken I was sitting on the curb hoping the nauseousness would go away. HA! Like I said, it was hot. I also only beat my PR by 6 seconds. My 5K PR is 30:45 & this was 3.17 mi. so it was a tad longer. As I was approaching the finish line I was trying to go fast because I knew how close I was. That led to the nausea. Thank goodness Allison was there because she held my bag that had a towel & wet wipes in it. After that & a cup of NUUN I was all good. We moved on the post race party & had some Salad Shop food. It was good! 

Something occurred to me yesterday - pizza is the perfect post run food and nobody ever has pizza at a post race party. I've been craving pizza for a few days so I stopped at Little Caesar's on the way home. It hit the spot!

While I was running Logan, Lydia & Scott were at the LSU game. 

This pic just makes me laugh. He's so serious.

Logan wanted Mark Laird's autograph because he "made an awesome catch" Saturday night & Logan told him so. Have I mentioned Logan's never met a stranger?? 

This morning was leg day.

The final results of the race were posted online.  4th in my age group & 13th overall female isn't bad. It's a small race but I'll take it!

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  1. Woohoo Speedy!! :) Logan cracks me up! Cohen would do the same!