Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Let's talk about crack. Not crack you snort. Or do you snort it? Maybe you inject it. I don't know. I have had zero experience with it or any other drugs. Based on how sinus medicine affects me I have no idea why anyone wants to abuse drugs. Anyway, does anyone play Trivia Crack? I'm awful. Like really awful. I love to play but it never fails I get some random question about science or God forbid History. Every time I get a history question a message pops up that says it's my worst subject & I'm wrong 50% of the time. Well, that also means I'm correct 50% of the time so really how bad can I be?? Judging by wins & losses? REALLY BAD. Occasionally I get a pop culture question or something sports related that I know but it never seems to be enough to win. Sigh. But I digress, Trivia Crack isn't the crack I'm talking about either. 

I'm talking about BUTT CRACK. You know, plumbers crack or whatever? TMI? Yeh probably but it's something I don't understand. I realize for the most part it has something to do with big bellies & men not buying their pants the correct size. I can't just say men either because thanks to the low rise  trend going on I've seen more thongs than I ever thought possible. That's not what I don't understand. My problem is how do they not know? Isn't there a draft?? You may be wondering what brought me to this scintillating topic. Well, I'll tell you. Friday night Dean & I were at Caliente, just sitting there minding our own business when what in my line of sight should appear? Yeh, you guessed it, Crack. This dude was probably in his mid to late 20's & he was sitting with a couple of normal looking girls. Pretty much every time I looked at Dean I saw crack. Then it got worse & I was pretty much just seeing butt. I told Dean there needed to be a sign on the door "No shoes, No shirt, No crack". Of course I made him turn around & look. No way was I going through the misery of having to see that alone. Besides, he thinks I exaggerate & I had to prove that it was as bad as I was saying it was. He didn't believe me but boy he was wishing he would have before he looked. Again, don't you feel a draft??? I just don't understand how you don't know half your butt's showing to everyone that walks in the door of Caliente. Maybe you do know & you don't care. If that's the case I sure wish I had that self esteem. 

Oh & believe me, I wasn't the only one to notice. I saw the ladies in the booth next to us whispering & making eyes. They saw it too. 

It's unusual for me to have a post with no pictures so in light of the topic, I'll leave you with this.



  1. hahahaha!!!! I am so self conscious about the length of my shirt/how high my pants go up and exposing myself! ;) This made me roll!

  2. BAHAHAHA! Funniest post EVER!!!

  3. I hear ya and I think it's quite gross, especially when it's an obvious slob that doesn't care (and chews with his mouth open and picks his teeth).

    My plumbers wear long shirts...they are so sweet and very cute. Irish and good looking!! I can find no fault with them. I know overweight men have these issues, too, and when you weigh 260 pounds and are crouched under a sink...well it's not pretty. But at a restaurant...come on!! What a way to spoil a good dinner.

    Jane x

  4. so funny, lol! I don't know why anybody shows 'em, but it looks gross. Yikes!...Christine