Friday, March 6, 2015

Merry Christmas!

I'm not confused. We celebrated Christmas in March. I'll back up. For Christmas our "krewe" bought all of the husbands a cooking class at Ruffino's for Christmas. It was sooooo fun!!!

Ruffino's has a party bus that you can rent. Since we planned so far in advance 
we were actually able to rent it. 

The bus picked us up at 5:30 Tuesday. Yeh, Tuesday was the only bummer but they only do the cooking class twice a month - a Monday & Tuesday. 

"3900 Krewe and More"

On the bus. We even had music!

We had one long table for all 16 of us.

Wine bottles were the place settings. I thought that was so cute!

There was a lot of wine! But, we had the bus!

So this was better than a cooking class. It was more of a cooking demonstration. The chefs cooked, we ate & drank. 

First they brought out some delicious bread & oil & vinegar stuff.
 The first course was a crab spring roll. 

It had avocado, mango, crab & asparagus with a strawberry sauce.
 It was delicious & would be great during the summer.

Second course was Oyster Chowder. 
This may have been my favorite thing of the night. 

It reminded me of shrimp & corn soup.
 So so so good! 
There were door prizes & I won the first one. 
The prize was a bottle of  Ruffino's signature salad dressing. YUM!

Then there was shark, yes shark and white beans. 
Seemed like a super weird combination & I'm not a fan of beans except green beans
 so I didn't expect much.

Y'all it was SO good! The bacon that they used in the beans was amazing.
 The shark was good too. It reminded me of mahi mahi. 

I'm not sure if that was the main course or the next thing was the main course or what.
 It was shrimp pasta. 

It was good but needed more seasoning. It was a bit bland which I thought was odd.
 Not bad but not as good as everything else. 
It had lots of portobello mushrooms which I love. 

Then there was dessert!

Banana's Napoleon! I'm not a huge banana fan. 
I like them in things & this was no different.
 About this time I was chatting with my friends so I'm not sure exactly what this entailed.
Some sort of pastry crust type thing with bananas & some sweet stuff inside.

It was a really fun night.
 They gave us each a booklet with all of the recipes & wines that were served. 
The Chefs also told us lots of little neat tidbits. Stuff about catching oysters, the bacon, etc. 


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  1. That looks super fun!!! What a good gift idea!