Monday, March 23, 2015

Another Monday

I really do need a day between Saturday & Sunday. 

I didn't share last week that Dean was in The Netherlands & contrary to what someone I know thought, The Netherlands is not near where the Patriots play. Yes, I know. Anyway, I got fussed at by several friends for posting on FB that he made it because then everyone knew I was home alone. He left Sunday & came home Friday. I don't enjoy being home alone. At all. 

Tuesday afternoon I went for a run.

It was hot! Since we're all registered for the Wine & Dine Half & the provide wine at the finish line we have to train for that as well.

I had a glass after I had some water. 

I went to dinner with friends Thursday night. 

It was happy hour at Lava Cantina. The mango margarita was good but it took 25 minutes to get to the table. I always feel like I'm cheating on Caliente when I eat Mexican somewhere else but this was closer for everyone to meet. Of course when it takes 25 mins. for a margarita then I'm really annoyed that we aren't at Caliente. They have us spoiled.

I hadn't gone walking with my friends in awhile so I did that Friday morning. 

Again, it was hot. I should say it was just really, really humid & muggy.

Dean got home about 5:45 Friday evening. YAY!!! We went to Caliente for Jeff's birthday.

A birthday shot, Mexican food, margarita's & bundtlets. It was a good night. 

Logan's t-ball season started this weekend. They won Friday night so they played at 10:15 Saturday morning. 

on deck

He got a hit!

That's Logan sliding into home. That's his thing. I guess he just wants to get dirty. 

Bulldogs win & go to the Championship which was supposed to be Sunday but it was rained out so they'll play next weekend.

After the game we went to eat at Johnny's Pizza. Logan was so funny. We told him we were going to eat & he said "The whole family? We're going to all  sit at the same table?" He was so excited! We had a good lunch & he told us about how much fun he had in Disney. He was not a fan of It's a Small World. When Dean asked how he liked it he immediately said "BORING!!". 

After lunch it was home to do yard work. Well, Dean did yard work while I went to Lowe's to buy stuff to deal with our pool which was a lovely shade of green. That stuff works quick because this morning it was a lovely shade of blue. 

Dean brought these home from Amsterdam. 

They're so good! 

Aren't they pretty?

Yesterday I went for a run.

I wanted to go more than 4 miles but I thought I had a t-ball game to go to so I didn't have enough time. Then it was rained out. Oh well.

Since I didn't have anywhere to be I did a leg workout.

Pretty good that I burned almost 200 more calories. 

Dean enjoys cooking, everyone knows that. Dean also enjoys BBQ. Dean also tends to cook more than we need. This is what we ended up with Sunday.

Burgers, chicken, ribs, sausage & who knows what else. Did I mention I'm not a huge fan of leftovers after about a day? 

How was your weekend?


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  1. Cohen's game is tonight and he is SO excited! :) I don't like being home alone, either. Glad Dean made it back safely!!