Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fitness Friday

I know it's Saturday but Fitness Saturday doesn't sound good & I had every intention of doing this recap yesterday but it was a crazy day at work & then I just laid around.

Sunday I did the Burning Arms workout I've been doing. I really like it. I also added in a few things I found on Pinterest.
The workout was an hour & 4 minutes & I burned 152 calories. Not a ton but when I do weights my heart rate doesn't get up very high - see my average was 91. Not a bad thing. Cardio doesn't have to be done everyday.

Monday morning I walked with my friends.

It was cold. 3.24 miles in 51:11. We were a little faster than normal.

When I got home from work I rode my bike. The trainer is really coming in handy.
Tuesday morning was a weight day.
I've been doing the arm workout with 10 pound weights in each hand & then I use a 15 pound kettle bell for some other stuff.

After work I went for a run. I haven't been doing morning runs because it's been cold.

I had a good run. It was still cold but not like in the morning. I know people up north are really miserable but for us the 30's are plenty bad enough!
Wednesday was another 30 minute bike ride. I took the evening off and went to Bible Study with my neighbor friends. We're doing it once a week during Lent.
Thursday morning was a 40 minute weight workout & another run when I got home. My watch battery was dead so I don't have stats but I know I ran 3 miles. I just stuck with my normal route.
Friday morning I rode my bike again.
LSU had a baseball game Friday night but I didn't want to sit in the cold & shockingly neither did Dean. We went to Caliente instead. The seafood quesadilla was delicious!!!
I was really happy with my workouts this week. I just have to keep it up. We leave on our cruise in 84 days!

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