Monday, February 23, 2015

Sunday Funday!!

My Sunday Funday was on Saturday but that doesn't have the same ring to it. Saturday morning we were up bright & early for the Mardi Gras Mambo. Logan was racing in the 1 mile fun run at 7:30. 

He had such a good time. While me & his mom & dad ran he hung out with Dean.

This is me with my friend Denese. After running for years & lots of stress fractures she's become a speed walker. She even does marathons! I didn't realize my hat was all wonky. You'd think at least one of my peeps would've mentioned it.......

Allie did a run/walk combination for the 10K. with her friend Anne. She had such a good time that she signed up for a Half Marathon! 

Lydia & I both did the 10K & Scott did the 15K. My goal was to finish the 10K without him lapping me! Seriously. I finished the 10K in 1:04:44 which is a 10K PR for me. Of course this was only my 2nd 10K & the first one was this race last year & I had a bum foot & practically limped across the finish line in 1:05:55. The wind was so bad. I think I've mentioned that. Hurricane force I tell ya! The last 1.5 miles was tough because we had to go back over the dreaded overpass that I talk about in all the races & there was a head wind. Anyway, I finished the 10K in 1:04:40 & Scott finished the 15K in 1:09:11. I ran with Lydia for half the race & she finished in 1:07:40. 

Lydia, me, Allie, Scott, Anne & Logan. Anne is Allie's friend & Logan's new BFF. Kid never meets a stranger. 

This is one of my favorite races. They had so much good food after. Cake balls, jambalaya, boneless wings, pulled pork sandwiches, king cake, pasta salad, etc. 

Once the results were posted we saw that Logan won his age group & Scott came in 3rd in his so we had to stick around for the awards.  

Logan didn't know he won until they called his name.

Can you tell he was excited? The little girl in the flamingo costume was too cute! Since it's a Mardi Gras run they encourage costumes & have a contest. She won.

Logan won the hat. 

Scott won a gift card to Canes & this lovely beanie.

He liked the beanie, he hates cold weather. 

I had just decided that I was going to skip the LSU game because it was so windy. I also skipped the Friday games. The first one was at 2:00 & the second at 7:00. I couldn't take off work for the first one & it was too cold for the second one. Not long after I decided I wasn't going Saturday my bosses wife sent me a text wanting to know if we wanted suite tickets for the game. Her & my boss were going along with our friends Cliff & Sheri. I've never been to a suite so YES! 

I loved it. I wouldn't miss a game if I could be in a suite.

That's Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty. The one in the purple with the beard. HA!  He threw out the first pitch & they're exchanging line up cards here.

That's Tiger Stadium behind the flags.

Dean & I in the suite after the game was over. Aside from not being able to feel the wind when you sat in the outside portion of the suite, there was a TV inside with the game on & food & drinks. There were hot dogs, chicken, nachos & all sorts of drinks. It was really nice. 

Sunday after Mass we went to Caliente for brunch. They don't normally serve brunch & she's thinking of adding it to the menu. I enjoyed it. 

The mimosa's were delish!!

How was your weekend?


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  1. Congrats on the PR! I would love to run this race one year!! :) LSU Baseball in a Suite! Heck yes!! :D