Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thirsty Thursday

The title has nothing to do with the post. It just goes together. Now that I'm thinking about it I could go for a Dr. Pepper or a margarita. A nap would be nice too. I'm so sleepy all of a sudden. Oh well.

You know it's Easter when the Azalea's are blooming.

I have several different colors in my yard.

The azalea's always remind me of when I was a kid at Easter. We'd go outside & take pictures in front of the azaleas in our Easter outfits. 

I guess spring really is getting here finally. I have all sorts of plants & flowers that are starting to bloom & grow pretty new leaves.

I've been eating a lot of greek yogurt & I recently found 2 new types that are really good.

This one is has tons of protein & not many calories. I'm pretty sure I don't eat enough protein. I'd much rather have carbs. Figures. I really liked this one.

I normally buy Oikos regular until I saw this Triple Zero stuff. I really liked this flavor. It's not an overpowering banana flavor. Really good. It has more protein but also more calories. I'm not really counting calories but I'm trying to eat healthy & within reason so that I can eat Mexican on the weekends! 

These are sooo good! I first tasted them at The Louisiana Marathon Expo. They gave out coupons for free bottles. This is Strawberry Banana Light & there's a Chocolate Light. They're 150 calories each but if you need some protein it's great. The regular have somewhere around 200 I think.  I've had both of those flavors & I think they're delicious & that the chocolate tasted like chocolate milk. However, I had a chocolate one at a race & Logan wanted some & judging by the look on his face he did not think it tasted like chocolate milk so you'll have to judge for yourself. I don't drink these often but I had one after my run yesterday.  

I managed 4 miles before work. It's the first before work run I've done in awhile. It was so cold for so long & then the thought of running around the circle a bunch of times was not appealing. It's starting to warm up so like it or not I'll be running in circles. Now when I say circles it's not like it's some little tiny thing. It's about a half a mile from my house around the cul de sac & around the "circle" so it could be worse. 

Lately, after I run I've been doing leg exercises. Squats, lunges & all of that type of stuff. Running in the morning doesn't allow for that. I just don't have enough time & I can't see myself getting up before 4:30. When I got home from work I did the leg stuff. This probably worked out better anyway because  I worked out longer. I did a bunch of weighted squats & lunges & leg lifts & donkey kicks & all that stuff. I'm pretty sore today so I guess it was a good workout. 

This morning was arm day. I didn't follow anyone's workout today. I just did a series of weights from different workouts that I've done lately. Between shaky arms & sore legs I wanted to crawl back into bed. 

So, unlike the majority of the world I'll be working tomorrow. I thought when I left the newspaper I was through working holidays. For the most part I am but when Easter falls before April 15th it's no longer a holiday. The good news is I get a day to take later. 


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  1. Your flowers are beautiful! I'm working today, too! I have only been off about twice on Good Friday in the almost 11 years I've worked tax season. Oh well! We are closed on April 17 so I'm very excited about that!!