Monday, April 13, 2015

Another Weekend

For some reason I can't seem to get it together to post more than once or twice a week. I guess partly because there isn't much going on these days. Tax season is almost over & I'm thrilled! I haven't had to work any Saturday's which both annoys me & makes me happy. Annoyed because Saturday's worked equal days off of my choosing later. Being that we have the big cruise coming up & the Wine & Dine Half later in the year & another yet to be determined vacay, I can use all the days I can get. 

So, let's see where I left off. Tuesday I got a 4 mi. run in before work.

Now that the weather is warming up this will have to happen more often if I want to actually be able to breathe while I run & not have a heat stroke.

Over the next few days I was able to get ab work, leg work & arm work done. 

I don't remember what was what now. I do know that Thursday I was supposed to get up for another run & I couldn't drag myself out of bed. So instead of getting up at 4:30, I got up at 6:00. I really hate when I do that because I never get back into a deep sleep. Oh well, I guess I needed the rest. 

I posted this pic on Facebook last week. Whatever day was National Sibling Day. 

Me & my big little brother Scott on my wedding day. Incidentally, today is his 38th birthday. He's getting old & we know what that means for me since he's my younger brother.  He's also the only sibling I have. He drove me crazy growing up & I could've strangled him every time he stole Barbie's car & put Ken in it & played like it was a race car but now we get along famously. Yay! 

LSU played at home all weekend. It rained a lot on Friday & the forecast wasn't looking good for the rest of the weekend. Dean & I went to Caliente, pretty much the entire rest of our crew was at the beach for spring break. Bummer. While we were eating I saw on twitter that the game had been pushed back because of the weather & first pitch was now scheduled for 9:00 p.m. Seriously. Well, anyone that knows me or has been visiting here knows what I'm going to say next. I was not going to the game & I was fast asleep when Dean got home after it was over at 11:45. 

Saturday I was going for a run before the rain started again & I saw a couple of cardinals in the backyard. They hang around some. I really hate birds but I think these are kinda pretty. 

Wish I would've been able to get my good camera out.

I started off my run aiming for 4 miles. Even though I wanted to do more I wasn't sure if I could beat the rain. There was a slight breeze & it was cloudy & felt pretty good. Then all of a sudden it wasn't breezy & it was really humid & didn't feel so good. 

Good news is I was able to go 5 miles & then I went home & did this.

The water is cold so this serves as my ice bath. I was able to sit there for 20 minutes. Then it was inside for squats & lunges & all that jazz. I'm trying hard to do a lot of that since strong legs makes for less injuries. At least that's what I keep reading. 

Once all that business was done I had a few errands to run. 

Graduation gifts are bought! I only have 8 graduates to shop for this year. Thankfully, only one is a guy. Guy's are way too hard to shop for. 

By the time I got home I was all about a nap. The forecast didn't exactly pan out so I went with Dean to the game. We stopped at Raising Canes on the way. I hadn't had it in awhile & it was delicious!!!  I had a Dr. Pepper too. There's just something about a DP & crushed ice. YUMMM! 

Sunday the only thing I did on my to do list was an arm workout. I really need to clean out my closet. Like really but it's not going anywhere. 

I checked the weather before bed last night & there was a 20% chance of rain this morning. I had a run scheduled & was hoping I could beat the rain.

I did. There's something to be said for running in sprinkles when it's 70 degrees & 93% humidity. You'll never hear me complain about sprinkles. 

So, that's what's been happening. In the next update you may get to hear about how we had to buy a new dryer. For the last 2 weeks ours sounds like it's dying every time we use it. Good times.



  1. Yum....Dr. pepper and crushed ice!! I'm a fan too! This is weird, but our dryer is making the oddest sounds and I'm afraid its about to bite the dust, too. I hate researching that kind of purchase!

  2. This rain is crazy and needs to stop! Way to go with getting up early every morning for a run...I've tried and it never works out for me! Haha! Glad you had a good weekend! Yay for LSU games and Cane's! I LOVE THEIR ICE!!

  3. Thanks! I like to get my workouts over with! We have some sun today but apparently it's not going to stick around. I just hope there's a break to get in my run tomorrow.