Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I need it! The whole allergy, upper respiratory, tonsillitis thing has reared its ugly head again. I haven't been sick since Decembet so I guess I should be thankful right?? Ugh. There was an after hours trip which got me some antibiotics but sadly I'm still sick. I'm also taking Mucinex which keeps me awake. So awake that I read an entire book during the night.

Anyway, Friday before I was feeling too bad we went to Superior Grill to celebrate Allie's 21st birthday. 

The birthday girl gets to wear the sombrero!

My throat started really hurting bad so I laid low the rest of the weekend. When I don't feel good I don't eat like I should.

Buried under all that cheesy goodness is jalapeƱos & French fries! So good!

Sunday ended with an after hours trip. I will never wait until late on Sunday again. My usual pharmacy closes at 6:00. I got there at 5:50 & they wouldn't fill my prescriptions. I went to CVS. After waiting for 20 mins. they inform me they don't have the eye drops. Did I mention along with tonsillitis I also have pink eye? Fun stuff. Off I went to another pharmacy that was open 24 hours where I waited 30 mins. while sitting in the middle of a volleyball game. Seriously, 2 college kids were playing in the pharmacy waiting area which is about the size of a small bathroom. Finally I was done. I needed a Dr Pepper so I stopped on the way home only to discover the fountain drink machine was out of Dr Pepper. I can't make this stuff up. I know this isn't disastrous but when you feel like crap it sure feels like it. I picked up a few other things too.

Highly recommend the ice cream. It has less calories than the other brands & was so good!

I stayed on the sofa Monday &  watched the Boston Marathon. By Tuesday I felt worse but I needed to go to work to get a few things done. I did what I had to do & went home & back to the sofa. 

This has been my view. I went to the ENT today & got my usual diagnosis of an upper respiratory infection. Against my better judgment I agreed to a steroid shot. I fully expect to still be awake this time next week. We'll see.

Needless to say I haven't worked out since Friday & my eating has been less than stellar. Obviously. 


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