Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Week

It's been a little busy which is why there wasn't any posts this week. I actually thought I blogged but I guess I didn't. The reason I was busy is because of this
I've made the comment before about how no job is perfect. Well, this would be the not perfect part of mine. I still really like my job & I'm learning a lot but I don't like Dale Carnegie. We started this class last week. We have homework & speeches. I'm annoyed & terrified. Annoyed because of the homework aspect. I thought this a work thing but there is a lot of reading involved. I've been able to do some at work when I wasn't busy but we're approaching a deadline so there's isn't going to be much free time. I'm terrified because of these speeches. I don't talk in front of people. I don't like to be the center of attention. It doesn't matter if I know you or not. It doesn't matter that it's only 20 people & not hundreds. I don't want to do it. I've made it almost 40 years without having to know how to give a speech, I think I'm good.
I also have an issue with the D.C. people. After class we got an email from them telling us what the "recommended reading" was. Well, see, recommended means YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT. Apparently, it's REQUIRED READING". I didn't find this out until Tuesday. Needless to say I didn't finish all of the reading before class Friday, but like the good little student I am I caught up over the weekend. So annoying. Back to the speech. I did it, I didn't die but I was shaking. Not just shaky hands either. My legs were shaking. I'm sure  someone could tell.  Did I mention we weren't to use notes but they didn't tell us that until we were in class? Did I tell you it was 2 minutes & I felt sure they weren't actually going to time us. They actually had a timer. Like I said, I made it but I hated every second. I have learned a few things in class. The first being that I'm not supposed to complain. That's not usually a problem for me except you know WHEN I HAVE TO DO SPEECHES. Soooo not happy. It's not over either. We have 9 more classes & 9 more speeches. Yes, that's right people, a speech per class. Oh joy!!!
We had some bad weather this week so I ran Wednesday. 3.1 mi. I'm trying to take it a little slow. I'm getting too close to get hurt.
Wednesday evening we tried to go to dinner at Louisiana Lagniappe which is soooooo good. I had a groupon & it can only be used Monday-Thursday. We got there at 6:15 & there was an hour wait. We didn't wait. We were hungry. We're going to try again tomorrow night & we're meeting there when I get off work so maybe being there at 5:30 when they open will help. We've said before that people in Baton Rouge don't cook but this is getting ridiculous.
Friday evening we took pictures at Church for the Church Directory. They came out ok, nothing special. Then it was off to Caliente to listen to the band. I wasn't a fan. Thankfully, the mosquito's were out of control so we moved inside & I didn't have to listen to them. They just didn't sing my type of stuff.  There were 12 of us so it was fun.
Saturday morning I got up at 6:00 because I wanted to run before it got too hot. I ran 4 miles & they were all between 10-11 minute miles. Not great but I love to see that I'm improving. I followed that up with a weight workout, some leg stuff to help prevent knee trouble & stretching & foam rolling.
Calories burned!! It makes me happy to see a big number like that. It's a shame I have to work & can't do that during the week.
LSU played George at 2:30 so we were all at a neighbors watching & eating. They lost in the last minute or so of the game. It was a good game to watch but a disappointing loss.
I was passed out at 9:00. I couldn't take it anymore. Between getting up early, no nap & D.C. reading I couldn't keep my eyes open. Not to mention we were getting up early for Mass this morning too. I really don't like afternoon games.

So that was the week. Nothing too exciting. What did y'all do?



  1. Oh my Traci, not only did I HATE speech in college, but I truly DISLIKED the speech teacher and her ridiculousness. I find it as helpful in life as algebra or disecting a freaking frog or cat! Anyhoo, good luck with it. Missing you in blogland.

  2. I despise giving speeches too!!!! That stinks!!

  3. Oh, you poor thing! I hated giving speeches in school! Just hang in there -- these courses can be very beneficial.