Tuesday, October 1, 2013


My friend Cindy is going to start running with me. I have strict instructions to ignore any texts she may send with excuses as to why she won't be able to get up in the morning & I was told "guilt me into going". No problemo! I like having a friend to exercise with & for the most part I don't. You'll recall that all of my friends that harassed encouraged me to start Yoglates are the same ones that bailed on me a couple of months later. Cindy just completed a 5150. For those of you like me that know way too much about pop culture I'm not speaking of the dreaded 5150 psych hold that Britney dealt with. It's actually a Triathlon. Apparently, there's a 5150, Half Ironman & Ironman. Regardless, it's not something I could do. They swim in the gulf & in rivers! Yikes! So, now that she's completed that she's considering running a half marathon because running is where she's the weakest & she doesn't like it. I have my work cut out for me. She's considering doing a Half Ironman next year so a half would be good training.

We checked out the weather (have I mentioned that I look at a weather app at least once a day??), rain was forecasted for Monday. Of course that basically means it might or might not rain just like any other day. We planned to run Tuesday so I got up & did a weight workout. Normally, I do upper body & then I throw in some leg lifts to try & strengthen my thighs to prevent runners knee & other assorted running injuries. I've been doing those for a few weeks so I added some ankle weights. Our friend that's the former athletic trainer suggested that. As it turned out I was ready for work early so I had time to stop for this
That friends, is a Pumpkin Spice Latte. My first ever. It was good but it's not my fave. I prefer vanilla or white chocolate or one of the Christmas flavors. It was still a nice little treat.

I may or may not have mentioned that Dean & I attempted to eat at Louisiana Lagniappe Wednesday. This is a very nice restaurant  & they also have locations in Orange Beach & somewhere else. Florida maybe? Anyway, awhile back I bought a Groupon. It can only be used Mon.-Thurs. which is no biggie. When we got there last week we had to park across the street & there was an hour wait. It was 6:10 when we got there. Sorry, but I was starving,. So we left. We decided that we needed to be there when the doors open at 5:30 & it wouldn't be a problem. I know that's early for a lot of people but we generally eat around 6:00. Since the restaurant is close to my office we just met at the restaurant. I got there before Dean at about 5:20. They'd opened the doors already & told me it would be a 10-15 minute wait. You've got to be kidding! Not that that's a long time but they just opened. She said there were a lot of people waiting outside so they opened a little early & seated those people. Once we were seated I wasn't sure what I wanted. I always get the same thing but I wanted to try something different. I went with a cup of seafood gumbo that was DELICIOUS and the Oysters Lagniappe.
They were stuffed & had lump crab meat & were baked. So so so good! Definitely worth the wait!

This morning Cindy & I ran. We did 4 miles in 44 minutes. That's not as good as I did Saturday but I've said it before, I'm slower at 5:00 am for whatever reason. It was hot & humid too. I guess one day we'll have some cool mornings. Are you wondering what the 254 title means?
I've ran 254 miles since March 6th! I know people run more than that but that's a lot for me & I'm excited!!

I discovered another little fun thing about my job today. There was a monsoon a few hours ago & the geese were out. I didn't know there were geese. Apparently, they live in the nearby lake. They must have been confused by all the rain because they were roaming the streets. I could see them from my office window. It was hilarious when they were loitering in the street & the cars couldn't get past them & were blowing their horns. The geese were completely oblivious. It was like they owned the road.

Hope y'all are having a good week!



  1. So glad you have someone to run with, my friend of 20+ years walks five miles with me everyday, but more importantly, if I send you my address, could you get me one of those crab/oyster meat things in the mail....please?????

  2. I so admire you and your dedication to running and staying healthy. I am such a slug. I fret over it yet my motivation is low.

    The restaurant sounds fantastic and at least it is living up to it's obvious recognition for good food! We used to eat out a lot and for some reason we are surrounded by Italian restaurants. Funny, we are in a very Irish neighborhood but you don't hear much of Irish food!

    Take care!


  3. You are doing so good on your running -- so dedicated! Y'all always find the most delicious looking food!