Saturday, October 5, 2013


This week has been about numbers. Yesterday was our 10th wedding anniversary! We can't figure out if it seems longer or shorter than that. We dated 5 years before we got married. That's a fact I never let Dean forget!

We had dinner at Digiulio Brothers. We've only been there once but we really like it so we decided to go there. It's a small place & looks like a hole in the wall. There are only 12 tables inside & there's a bar & a few outside tables. The hole in the walls always have the best food!
I had a little wine of course & there were white tablecloths & a candle.

I went with one of the specials. Broiled grouper with fruit salsa & pasta.
It was delicious!! It was mango, pineapple, purple onion & red bell pepper. So good!

Pistachio gelato for dessert.
We were by a window & it had gotten darker outside so the pic is dark. This stuff is so good.

Once we got home we had some champagne.
I love Champs! Heather Dubrow from RHOOC could be my BFF!

Happy Weekend!


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  1. Happy Anniversary! Your dinner looks great. That's the way I like to celebrate, too.