Saturday, October 26, 2013

In the land of the living....

Monday afternoon I wasn't feeling right. Later Monday evening I was sick as a dog with the dreaded stomach virus. I really thought I was dying. At some point I thought that I don't know how people going through chemo deal with all the sickness. There was a point that I just laid down on my bathroom floor. That didn't last long. Ceramic tile is REALLY hard. It was a rough rough night. Thankfully, at 5:30 am Tuesday Dean was able to go to a neighbors & get Phenergan. It saved me. Although, it's now Saturday & I still feel like I'm drugged. I was back at work Wednesday. I didn't feel like being there at all but I've only been there 2 months. I HATED having to call in sick.

Luckily, this all happened at the beginning of the week because we had plans for Friday night. There were 12 of us for my first birthday dinner of the year. My actual birthday isn't until next week. We went to Ruffino's. I love this place but we don't go often. There was crab meat cheesecake, a wedge salad & some awesome veal parmigiana. Veal led to a very interesting conversation about what veal is & such. It's really amazing I've made to almost 40 years old without knowing these things.

I couldn't take a good picture to save my life last night. The lighting didn't help.
Brad & Cindy, Dave & Kitzia, Jeff & Dawn & Cliff standing up in the back. The rest of the group was sitting by me & the pic is on someone else's phone.
There was really good wine!
Then back to Dave & Kitzia's for cake & gifts! It was such a fun night! I can't wait until next Saturday night & I get to do it over again with different friends. I'm a firm believer in celebrating birthday's for at least a week. Especially, big birthdays!



  1. Congratulations on your birthday and for surviving the dreaded sickness!

  2. Happiest Of Birthdays To You!!!!!!!!