Friday, September 20, 2013

5 on Friday

I'm linking up but with a twist. 5 Things I learned at the beach!

1. I know what a power pole is now. A 4 year old taught me! Logan is obsessed with boats & any boating accessories. When we saw a boat he told us whether or not it had a power pole. When he was pretending that his float was a boat, he showed me where the power pole was.

2. I still throw like a girl. Apparently, muscles have nothing to do with how you throw. I definitely have muscles now but according to Dean & my brother I'm awful.

3. You cannot die from laughing. Just ask Logan. When I said I was going to die laughing his response was "Tante, you can die from laughing? I don't think so."

4. When one dog dies, just get another one & name it the same thing. Again, this is Logan's advice. He explained that his white dog died but he still had his black, Baxter dog. However, have no fear when Baxter dies, "we'll get another dog & name him Baxter". Maybe this is a good attitude to have.

5. I can't control my diet on vacation. Fried oysters, fried fish, nachos, club sandwich, french fries, mocha's, frapp's, ice cream, cookies, taco flavor Dorito's, Ranch dip. You name it, I probably ate it. Please don't even mention alcohol. Wine - check, vodka punch - check, blue drink - check. Suffice it to say I'm trying an eat healthy, exercise & no alcohol kick for a bit. Pay close attention to the word "trying".

Have a great weekend!


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  1. So funny! Kids come up with the funniest stuff!