Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'll try anything!

I love a holiday week. It's already almost Friday. The week flew by. Although, now that I think about it since starting my new job all the weeks have flown by.

I bought something this week.
Weird? Yeh I know. It's supposed to be really great for you. At least that's what I read. Apparently, people actually think Jello that you buy at the store is good for you because everything I've read specifically says "not the Jello you buy in the store". I don't know about you but I never liked that stuff. AT ALL. Apparently, you can use this stuff to make your own healthy version of that stuff. BLECH, not interested. It's like a natural source of collagen & considering I'm approaching 40 at a much faster rate than I'm comfortable with I need to get on the ball. I have some wrinkles thanks to the tanning bed in my 20's. sigh. It's also good for saggy skin. Dean gave me a look when I told him I was ordering it. I told him this is the alternative to Botox & Juviderm. Personally, I'd rather the injections but we're at impasse on that in our house. By impasse I mean I want it & Dean says I don't need it, therefore he'd be really unhappy if I spent money on it.

The joint care thing is an added benefit if it works. It appears I have what's called "runners knee". sigh. They both hurt. When I first start my runs they hurt but as I get warmed up they stop hurting. When I stop running & start walking they hurt. I ran 5 mi. Tuesday & 4.2 today. I did some reading & it seems that the culprit is weak hips, glutes & thighs. The fact that this started after I stopped going to Yoglates isn't a coincidence. At least I don't think it is. We did a ton of leg & butt work & maybe it was helping more than I realized. The recommended course of action is to rest & work on strengthening those muscles. I got some exercises off the internet. Going back to Yoglates would probably be a smart move but with the new job I can't make it to the early morning class & I'm not the least bit interested in going to a 6 pm class. Hopefully, the exercises at home will work.

So, my friend Allison was the first to try the gelatin. She suggested NOT mixing it with water & guzzling it. She did say that putting in your protein shake works fine & you can't taste it. She said there may be a little grittiness but nothing too weird. I tried mine for the first time tonight. It was a dreary, rainy afternoon so I decided to have breakfast for dinner. I was reading over the directions & one of the options is to put it in hot or cold cereal. I decided to have some oatmeal. I figured the hot water would dissolve the stuff good. It worked. It did seem like there was a different taste but it wasn't bad. Tomorrow I'm going to try putting it in my coffee. The recommended serving size is a tablespoon. Y'all, when you're talking about a powder that's a lot! Allison said she thinks the gagging could also be because she knows what this stuff is made from. That part doesn't bother me as much as the fact that it says "beef gelatin" on the label. When I was a kid we had jello at school all the time. I mentioned that I don't like jello. I also didn't like the majority of what was served in the school cafeteria. I was such a skinny kid. Well, I remember on jello days kids used to say jello is crushed horse hooves. Guess what?? They were oddly close to being correct. The label says you can't use hooves to make gelatin but it is basically bone marrow. BLECH. Let's try not to think about that.

Has anyone tried gelatin before?


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