Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

I didn't realize that it had been a week since I posted. That's something else that's different with the new job. I don't have time to read & post like I did before. Let's see if I can catch up.

Tuesday I ran. I'm increasing my mileage & trying to get back where I was before "my fall". I was planning to run 4 miles but I felt good so I went 5. I ran another 5 Thursday. I did weights last week too. I do them on days that I don't run.

Friday night Dean & I had dinner at Portobello's. They do these chips with feta & balsamic & something else. Now I don't remember but it's delicious!!
Don't they look good??

Saturday I was going for a long run. I switched my long run day from Sunday's to Saturday's now that it's football season. I ran 7 miles.  I was relieved that I was able to go that far. This is my new favorite invention.
You hook your thumb through it so it's not like you're really holding it. Does that make sense? Aishlea first told me about it. I saw them online but couldn't tell about the thumb thing. We went to Dick's & that's when I saw how it worked. The mouthpiece thing is like a straw. It doesn't leak. Just suck & you get water. Little things really impress me, I know! After my run I spent a few hours here.
I caught up on some magazines which is yet another thing I'm behind on.

Saturday night LSU played TCU in Dallas. A bunch of us went to our friends next door & watched the game. I made a somewhat healthy dessert.
Not a great picture I know. I put the cling wrap on before I remembered that I hadn't taken a picture. This dessert is sooooo good. Lydia got the recipe off of Pinterest & made it a couple times when they came over. I thought it would be good for the football party. It's angel food cake, 6 tbls of fat free condensed milk (which incidentally I discovered that I LOOOOVVVEEEE!!! Love so much I could eat/drink it straight from the can), sugar free white chocolate instant pudding, water, blueberries, strawberries & low fat cool whip.
Another bad picture but you get the point. Just layer it & chill. Keep in mind it's healthy if you don't have anything against processed, fat free food & if you eat a proper serving, not 3 or 4. Consider that a warning.

Sunday, Dean & I went to Bayou Pigeon to Dean's parents house. His mom cooked lunch for us. I know I've mentioned that she makes the best roast ever. This is not just me speaking. My mom thinks so, my sis in law thinks so, everyone that eats her roast thinks so. If there's someone out there that doesn't they're crazy. In case you didn't get where this was going, Mrs Joyce cooked roast for lunch. Her green beans were really good too. I had to refrain from making a pig of myself.

Monday the plan was to get up & run. That didn't happen. I wasn't setting an alarm & when I woke up at 6:30 I just didn't want to get up, not to mention I knew it would be hot. Once I got up I actually got some things accomplished in the house. I got some things picked up & I have a couple of bags of stuff to donate.

I did a weight workout while catching up on RHOOC & Giuliana & Bill. It was a nice long workout.
I'm thinking of changing our LSU Room/Office to a workout room. The LSU stuff would stay but we really don't need an office. We have a laptop & the desk that's in there is just taking up space & providing a spot to pile stuff on. I would need to get a TV & a DVR to put in there. I mentioned that I'm done with Yoglates for the time being. My original plan was to stop going until after my half marathon because as my mileage increased it was harder to do Yoglates as often. Then, I got my new job. I couldn't go to class before work like I was because it takes me a little longer to get to work now. I don't really want to go to a 6:00 pm class & that's the only one I'd be able to make. That's when I started thinking about a workout room. Right now I do weights in the sitting room because there's a TV there but I think a dedicated room would be better. Things would be neater that way.

I spent several hours in the pool Monday afternoon. It was quiet & peaceful. Just me &
my vodka punch!!! YUMMO!



  1. It just isn't right that you come on here showing all of this food to a fat girl!! Lol. You know we have discussed this before. Anyhoo, I don't remember the fall, and looked back and couldn't find it. Hope all is well. I actually had surgery a couple weeks ago, then.....three days later, fell getting out of the tub and broke my ribs! So, I have been a bit out of the blog loop lately. Hope the new job is going well, and as usual, the food looks scrumptous!

  2. Now, did you wait an hour after drinking that before you got in the water.....heehee!

  3. Your dessert looks delicious. I am now suddenly very hungry (and thirsty)! :)