Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another weekend!

Has come to an end. What a bummer. Although, I'm in countdown mode for our beach trip. We leave Friday!

Friday night we went to dinner at Roberto's with some friends. Now, y'all know that's the home of the best fried shrimp poboy but it's only served at lunch. Dean & I decided to split the seafood platter. YUMMO! I had a side of smoked gouda mac & cheese too. It was part of the steak special. I didn't want steak but when I heard gouda they had me. It didn't disappoint either. I guess I was hungry because it never occurred to me to take any pics. Trust me it was good.

Saturday was a lovely day of doing nothing for the most part. We went to Mass & then to Caliente to watch the LSU game with a crew of our friends that didn't go to the game. Jose wasn't working so there were no Jose Specials. Major disappointment. I decided to trust that snarky bartender Eric could actually make a rum rita when he said he could. I didn't have high hopes because supposedly he could make a Jose Special. He could not. It was a totally different color. I's the rum rita
It was delicious! Yay Snarky Eric. So now I have a drink to order when Jose isn't around.
Kitzia, me, Jackie & Cindy
Touchdown shots! No, we didn't order these. I'm not a shot kind of girl. Sergio had a tray & he brought them around when LSU scored. They were good. Vodka & sour mix.

It was one of those days where I was hungry & I wanted dessert. I was alone in that want but I sucked it up & ordered it anyway. I keep hearing how good Caliente's flan is so I tried it.
It was bigger than I expected. I managed to pawn off a few bites but for the most part it was all me. There were a couple of bites left that I couldn't eat. It made me very sad to send it away.

LSU scored again.
I have no idea what Dean is saying.
LSU played well.
Kitzia, Steph & me. We had such a fun night.
Dennis, Brad & Dean. They crack me up.

LSU scored again. Here comes Sergio.
Did I mention all this was before halftime?? Because of how close we live to LSU we left to go home at half time so that we wouldn't get stuck in traffic. We reconvened at Dennis & Jackie's to watch the rest of the game. It was 56 to something. Geaux Tigers!

Today's been another lazy day. These knees need to get well so I can run again. The amount of food & drinks I consumed yesterday is for someone getting some serious workouts in & that isn't me. I swam laps today & I've been doing weight workouts & some leg exercises that are supposed to help the knees. We'll see.

I managed to eat good so far today. I even went to Yogurtland & didn't get any candy!
Coconut & Vanilla Bean yogurt with strawberries, crushed almonds & a little bit of shredded coconut. A delightful combination. I ate breakfast later than normal & then it was lunch time so I didn't have a morning snack so I thought it was ok to get yogurt this afternoon.

What did y'all do this weekend?



  1. I love flan and that flan looks so good. Glad your team won! Sorry you are still problems with your knee, hope it gets better soon. Which beach are you going to? Have fun!....Christine

  2. That yogurt...yum!!! :)

    Hope this week flies by for you!

  3. Looks like so much fun! And your drink looks absolutely delicious! I'm counting the days 'til I can enjoy it again!!!