Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend in pics!

We had dinner at Mike Anderson's Friday night. It's one of my faves.
Shrimp 7 ways. This is the best option for me because I have such a hard time deciding what I want. There's shrimp stew, au gratin, fried, grilled, boiled, stuffed & salad. YUM!
I spent a good part of Saturday staining the front door. It was ridiculously hot!

Saturday night was dinner & Yogurtland with Allison & Wendy for Wendy's birthday dinner.
10 miles Sunday morning. It was hard but I was so happy to get it done. I have a sore hip now so I'm not sure how much running will get done this week but that's ok. Sometimes you need to rest.
Protein smoothie after the 10 miles. Almond milk, frozen banana, kale, peanut butter, vanilla protein powder, flax seed, cinnamon, vanilla & a little mango.
Delicious!! I drank it while I took my first ice bath. Good Lord an ice bath is really cold.

After a short nap some family came over.
Dean's cousin Sam. She loved the pool.
She loved playing with Dean too.
Dean's cousin & Godchild Lexie. She's a senior in high school this year. So hard to believe. When I met Dean she was 2.

Our niece Camille.
Dean's parents & his aunt were there & so were my parents. We pretty much just floated around the pool because it was such a hot day. How was y'alls weekend?



  1. That shrimp dish looks really delicious. 10 miles? Wow! The pool looks refreshing...Christine

  2. Here I am eating a "lean" pocket, and your showing this wonderful cajun food! Oh what I wouldn't give for some! Congrats on your 10 mile run.

  3. Okay, I knew there would have to be some delicious food involved in your weekend.....heehee! Is an ice bath for sore muscles? That smoothie sounded really good -- I would have a tough time with the green color,!

  4. Oh, I forgot to congratulate you on 10 miles -- wow, so great, Traci!

  5. So proud of your ten miles!!!!!

  6. 10 miles. woohoo. Shrimp looks great.

  7. Sounds like you had a great weekend....and fabulous food!!! LOL Congrats on the ten miles :o)