Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The End

Today was the end of an era. It was the last day in almost 18 years that I worked at The Advocate.  I was barely 22 yrs. old when I started. I don't think it's hit me yet. I expect that to come Monday when I'm parking in a new parking lot.

Today was better than I expected. I thought I'd be really sad but I wasn't. I thought I'd probably shed a few tears but I didn't. I was happy that the day had finally come. Dean says that means I made the right decision.

There are a lot of people that I'm going to miss. Some others not so much. Ha! Apparently, my now former co-workers really liked me. They had a little party. We had sandwiches & wraps from Jason's Deli & this
Give me white cake with butter cream icing & I'm a happy girl. It was delish! The only problem is only half was eaten & the other half was sent home with me. I pawned some off on the neighborhood teens.

This is me & some of the guys I worked for. Stan, Tommy & Aaron.
I think Aaron was trying to be taller than me. He always liked when I wore flats because I didn't tower over him. Tommy doesn't do pictures so I consider this a huge honor. This pic is also on Facebook. I can't believe I haven't gotten a text telling me to take it down immediately. Yesterday, Stan brought me to Roberto's to get "the best shrimp po boy ever".
For the first half of my time at The Advocate I worked in the Classified Dept. These were some of my friends. Mike was my boss. He's retired now & came especially for my party. Toni, Christine, Sandy & Brenda were all there when I started. Brendan was my immediate supervisor.

I even got gifts! A gift card to my favorite nail salon & a Starbucks card (thanks again Wendy)! I think there's going to be a pedicure & green tea in my life tomorrow! I'm off the next 4 days before starting my new job Monday.

I managed to skip out around 1:00. I had things to do!
It was time for a cut & high light. I had a few low lights thrown in too. The sun had really lightened my hair this summer.

All in all it was a good day & I'm looking forward to relaxing the next few days.



  1. WOW i got a lot to catch up on - (i think) congrats on the new job!!! xoxox

  2. Congratulations!! And, good luck with the new job.

  3. How sweet! It is nice to feel loved, I bet. :) I'm so excited for you in your new adventure!!

  4. Good luck with the new job...change is exciting! Have a nice long weekend!!

  5. This is a long time to be at one job but I know you are going to adjust. I'm wondering where you are going to now...did I miss it?

    I had to laugh over you thinking some of your co-workers may like you now! lol! I ran into some of mine a few years after I quit and they were falling all over me...quite different from the back stabbing days at the office.