Monday, August 19, 2013

The Weekend!

We didn't have any big plans this weekend so Saturday when we got up we decided that weeds needed to be pulled & cars needed to be washed. I got weed duty. The weather was pretty good. We had a front of some sort come through & the humidity was down. Highly unusual for August.

Apparently, in my older age I've become allergic to ants. It's virtually impossible for me to pull weeds without getting bit. The bites turn into whelps & they look awful for days. It's the weirdest thing.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this but Dean is neat. Like really neat. I've never seen anyone fold a t-shirt like him. It bothers him that I have "stuff" in my car. It doesn't bother me in the least but I cleaned it out to make him happy. I found a variety of stuff.
I'm not really sure why or how the blue toe things were in the car. The fleur de lis is part of a key chain that broke. I plan to do something diy/crafty with it. I have no idea what yet but that's the plan. There's random jewelry that ended up in the car from when I'd go to Yoglates after work.  I had wondered about that pair of earrings. The foot pads are because I changed shoes after work Friday since I was going shopping. See? It all makes perfect sense.

Saturday night we went to Mass & then ran a few errands. We had dinner at Mestizo. It's a "Louisiana Mexican" Restaurant.
 A skinny mango margarita! It was really good.
I had tortilla soup for an appetizer. It was really good. My entree was a shrimp & crab chimichanga & a shrimp & crab enchilada. Really good! I didn't care much for the beans & rice. Caliente is much better.

My foot/ankle has been feeling much better so I decided I was going to attempt a run Sunday. I didn't set the clock because I knew I wasn't going far so I wasn't overly concerned about the heat. I had this in the pantry & decided to try it before my run.
I know Lance is a liar & a cheat but it was sooo good. It tasted like a cookie. It was delicious!!! 

Since I've started running I've become very interested in the weather. Very weird but I like to know what I'm in for before stepping out the door. I was THRILLED to see this!
Yeh, the humidity is up there but do you see that 69 dew point??? It was soooo nice. I ran a 5K. I could've gone further but I didn't want to take any chances of hurting my foot more. I was really excited when I saw my time - 32:33! That's a PR for me. By 34 seconds. My foot seems to have recovered from the run ok so I'm excited. I plan to run again Wed. I may try 4 mi. We'll see.

My parents came over Sunday. It was my mom's birthday. We got in the pool for awhile but the water was actually a little too cool. I know. Weirdest thing ever. It felt like early May rather than mid August.

How was y'alls weekend?



  1. I'm allergic to ants,too. If they bite me, I get big ugly welts that itch like crazy and continue to itch for days. If I'm just in the vicinity of ants, my lips start to tingle and get puffy. Rats, not puffy as in sexy way!

  2. We have had weird cool weather too. It is nice but since we have a pool we could be enjoying this year at my moms it would be nice to use it. :)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. MMM, Mexican food.

  4. Sounds like a nice weekend...we are getting hot again here...Summer has decided to show itself...106 yesterday...we have to get out walk and garden very early...too hot after 10 am! Have a great week!!