Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stuff I'm Loving!

Either yesterday or today was a full moon. I took this pic when I went out to run.
Why am I loving a full moon you ask?? Because this is the first time in almost 18 years that I didn't know it was a full moon. Why is that?? Because at my new job I don't answer phone calls from the public all day long. Actually, I don't answer the phone unless it's for me! It's the most awesome thing ever. People may not believe this but it's ALWAYS obvious when there's a full moon when you work with the public. The crazies come out!

Have y'all tried this flavor K cup yet?
If you like coconut this is a must. Soooo good! I bought a little sample pack at Target a few weeks ago & loved it so much we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond last weekend & I bought a box.

This is random
It's a mouse. Has anyone ever wondered why it's called a mouse? I think it could be called something better. I'm not crazy about things I use everyday being named after rodents. I'm not a fan of mice & when I use the mouse or say the word mouse I automatically think of the rodent. Now I'll probably dream about mice - the rodents. Back to the point, this isn't just a regular mouse, it's a WIRELESS mouse. I've seen them before but I never knew how great this thing is. To go along with it I have a wireless keyboard too. It's like I got a new job & stepped into the 21st century!!

I'm still loving FROYO!
I'm doing better with my toppings. I had coconut & cupcake batter yogurt with a little coconut, strawberries & crushed almonds. Really really good! I need to remember this when the candy tempts me.

Anyone loving anything I need to know about??


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  1. Okay, even I know about the wireless mouse - Ha! I don't care for the name, either, & I prefer the typepad rather than the mouse. I can't ever seem to get it situated right. The Man is just the opposite!