Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

Normally, these WIAW are about what you ate on Tuesday. My Tuesday eats weren't that exciting so I thought I'd show the goodness of the last week!!

Thursday evening we found ourselves with no food. Well, no leftovers & no ideas for something to cook so we went out. I had a groupon for Reginelli's Pizzeria. They're local & I love love love their spinach & artichoke dip. I love it so much that it was gone before I remembered that I should've taken a picture. They serve it with toasted bread. Delicious!
I had the Shrimp Pesto pizza. It was marinated shrimp with pesto sauce, mozzarella cheese, red onions, calamata olives, roasted red peppers, feta cheese. Soooo good! I think I could've eaten the entire pizza. I refrained so I'd have leftovers. Also so I'd have room for this.
Coconut & pistachio gelato! Yummmm! There's a little Italian deli right by Reginelli's that serves gelato. I still like froyo better.

Have y'all seen the ads for Starbuck's new Refresher drinks? A few days last week they had a special from 3-5 & the Refreshers were half price. I stopped on my way home from work Friday.
I got the Very Berry Hibiscus. It had real blackberries in it. I really liked it.

Friday night was the usual dinner at Caliente. They have some new things on the summer menu & one of them is that they make guacamole table side.
This isn't our waitress. This is our friend Kitzia. She's Mexican. Don't let her light skin fool you. Her mom is from Louisiana & her dad is full blown Mexican. She makes THE BEST guac EVER!! I'm not exactly how this happened but when the ingredients were brought to the table, Kitzia was summoned to do her thing. I think the waitress was secretly happy. One less thing she had to for our table of 20.

I've mentioned before how I love the Zydeco salad at WalkOns. I did my own little recreation of it at home Saturday.
Romaine lettuce, baked chicken cut up, tomatoes, avocado, jalapeno, mango & some broken up chips. It was sooooo good! I was so excited. Generally, if I try to recreate something (which isn't often) it's never anything special. BTW, does anyone know the proper way to cut a mango?? Next time I want to make it with shrimp.

We came across these chips at Sam's. They're all GMO free & all that good stuff.
Y'all!!! They are soooo good!! These are the chips I broke up on my salad. We'll be buying them again. They're really good with guac too.

For Administrative Professional's Day one of the guys I work with always buys us dessert liqueur & candy.  This year it was Lindt's candy.
The sea salt & caramel was good but this one is so amazing! It puts a Hershey bar to shame & I've always loved those. It would be very easy to eat the whole bar but I've been good & only eaten a few squares per sitting.

Yesterday morning I ran 4.5 miles. We had a cool front come through & it was only 70 degrees & the humidity was 88%. It was delightful. Compared to the way it's been it felt like someone turned on the A/C.  Anyway, since I burned so many calories on my run I treated myself on the way home from work.
Froyo is my favorite treat right now. Yesterday's concoction was a little different than normal. I had toasted coconut, cheesecake & red velvet cake batter yogurt topped with a few mini M&M's, some Reese's, white chocolate chips, cheesecake bites & mini caramel cups. It was wonderful!! It also ended up being my supper. I was full & didn't feel like eating anything else.

What have y'all been eating??



  1. Oh my. I'm getting hungry! ;)

  2. Good stuff! I'd like to make that salad and try those chips!


  3. That Starbuck's Refresher drink looks... well, so refreshing! :) Lots of delicious pics!

  4. Oh yum, especially the gelato!...Christine